Art Exhibit by Vicko Alvarez at Humboldt Park Branch

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, Humboldt Park Branch hosts local comic artist and illustrator Vicko Alvarez's exhibit ScholaR from October 1 to October 31. Alvarez' character Rosita is featured on our Hispanic Heritage Month coloring sheet available at all CPL locations while supplies last.

Artist Statement

My name is Vicko Alvarez and I am a native Tejana who has called Chicago home for over 13 years. I am the creator and illustrator of the ScholaR Comics web and zine series that follows the lives of middle schoolers ScholaR, Rosita and Masir as they wrap their heads around their own tough realities. ScholaR has a few anger issues, Rosita is learning what is means to be undocumented and Masir is coming into his own as a mixed race boy who doesn’t feel very “boy-ish.” Altogether they’re a reflection of my upbringing and the childhood stories that we all carry with us as adults.