Art Exhibit by Lisa Tomiko Macri at North Pulaski Branch

North Pulaski Branch hosts an Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month art exhibit in May featuring artist Lisa Tomiko Macri.

About the Artist

Chicago painter and art teacher Lisa Tomiko Macri attended various art institutions in Chicago to discover her own creativity and means for art in her life. Lisa grew up on the North Side of Chicago in the Japanese resettlement neighborhood of Lakeview. She is a fourth generation Japanese American (Yonsei). She attended the Midwest Buddhist Temple for Japanese language classes as well as all the Ginza holidays and Bon Odori festivals since she was born. Her grandmother was her sensei for her artistic upbringing and Japanese cultural knowledge, including craft (knitting, sewing, crochet), origami and even Japanese cooking. Over the years as her paintings developed, she turned to traditional Japanese woodblock prints and the influence of nature found in those prints. She found that the elements and colors from nature in her environment have been abstracted in her paintings today.