Art Exhibit by J. Kae Good Bear at Bezazian Branch

In celebration of Native American Heritage Month, Bezazian Branch hosts an exhibit by artist J. Kae Good Bear in November and December.

Artist Statement

"Native American athletes are akin to modern-day warriors. Sport elevates these individual athletes and teams in their tribal communities. This is marked by the adornment of these athletes/warriors.

"This exhibit examines and highlights the intersection of contemporary sporting elements and elements of traditional warrior life. Historically, war shirts, bows and arrows, leggings and headdresses were richly adorned with traditional Native American artwork that honored the deeds of a warrior. Modern-day indigenous athletes are adorned and celebrated in a similar fashion.

"This exhibit features modern warrior equivalents such as beaded sneakers, contemporary moccasin design, traditional ribbon work sport jerseys, beaded and painted basketballs and sport apparel with Native American custom designs."