Hector Maldonado Photography Exhibit at Harold Washington Library Center

In celebration of Native American Heritage Month, Harold Washington Library Center hosts Finding Myself, My Heritage Within Me, an exhibit by photographer Hector Maldonado. The exhibit is on display in November and December in the Popular Library.


Maldonado will give an artist talk November 16 at Harold Washington Library Center.

Artist Statement

"The photographs in this show are both very personal and very public. They are about what my heritage means to me. They are about the culture that we share and the way the culture leaves its imprint on individuals in their most public and private moments.

"It is my hope that these photographs will give viewers a glimpse into the hearts and minds of Native American people. My journey has been spontaneous and unpredictable; subject to the people I happened to meet, my travels, the access I gained, my interest at any particular moment. Infinite choices were made in the subject matter, in the point of view, in the moment I pressed the shutter."