Art Exhibit by Elizabeth Jung at Blackstone Branch

Blackstone Branch hosts an Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month art exhibit in May featuring artist Elizabeth Jung.

About the Artist

Elizabeth Jung is a visual artist based in Chicago. Having lived in different places in Korea, the United States and France, her homes and the memories associated with the spaces became a fascinating subject for her art, which is about constructing imaginary spaces using colors, geometry and architectural elements. Her process of painting repeats construction, deconstruction and reconstruction of space and memories, which often results in trompe l’oeil and exaggerated perspectives. Through her colorful paintings, Elizabeth invites viewers into the scene, where they find themselves experiencing tension, confusion, disorientation and ambiguity.

Elizabeth received both a bachelor of fine arts and master of fine arts from École Nationale Supérieure d’Art de Bourges in France. Her work was shown at Palais Jacques-Cœur, Centre Hospitalier Jacque-Cœur de Bourges, Betty Rymer Gallery, 900 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, the U.S. Capitol, the Supreme Court of Georgia, Galex 52 and Chicago Public Library. She was a recent resident artist at Studios Midwest.