Albany Park YOUmedia Creates Teen Web Show Series

Teens, join your peers and staff at Albany Park Branch to help create an original teen web show series.

Working with staff in YOUmedia (Maggie and Daniel) along with Katie Sherman from Theater Y and consulting writer and film artist Ian Michael Smith, teens are learning a variety of theater and production skills each week in the Teen Web Show Series.

In one session, teens shared and compared favorite web productions, ranging from, for instance, the RideShare (Ian's favorite—and also something he helps produce) to Step Dad Confessions (Josh's favorite) and K-Pop (Lexi's favorite).

When discussing their plans, teens shared a desire to explore absurd humor, with one actor playing several characters, or using ridiculous prompts. Gio said he wouldn't mind conducting street interviews about something random, like favorite places to go with a pet or favorite foods. Another suggestion was to explore moments of being awkward—and embracing your natural self.

Dan Ian and Katie at Albany Park YOUmedia
From left: YOUmedia staff member Daniel, consulting writer and film artist Ian Michael Smith and Theater Y's Katie Sherman. Not pictured: YOUmedia staff member Maggie, who was helping teens behind the scenes.

Whatever parody they create, Lexi said she doesn't want them to do something that's already been done. Katie emphasized she and the other program facilitators are letting the teens drive the decisions.

We can't wait to see what their final production is and encourage interested teens to add their opinion or creative touch to the show.

The Teen Web Show Series is a mini-grant project managed by Maggie and Daniel and part of Elevate Your Voice, a summer initiative in which teens can learn more about how to improve their lives, take action and make a positive community difference as well as recognize a hero who's made an impact on their lives. #CPLteens #ElevateYourVoice