Mayor Martin H. Kennelly Biography

Mayor of Chicago, 1947-1955

  • Democratic Party
  • Elected 47th mayor of Chicago April 1, 1947; defeated Russell W. Root (Republican)
  • Elected to second term as mayor April 3, 1951; defeated Robert L. Hunter (Republican)
  • Inauguration to first term: April 15, 1947
  • Inauguration to second term: April 19, 1951


  • Born August 11, 1887 in Chicago
  • Quit school in grade school and took a job at Marshall Field & Co. as a stockroom boy
  • Served in World War I, rising to the rank of captain in the quartermaster corps
  • Served as director of the Chicago Association of Commerce
  • Headed the Werner-Kennelly company, a warehouse and trucking business
  • Died November 29, 1961 in Chicago
  • Buried in Calvary Cemetery, Evanston, Ill.


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