Mayor George Bell Swift Inaugural Address, 1895

George Bell Swift Biography

Inauguration date: April 8, 1895

This speech is recorded as it first appeared in print. Archaic spelling and misspellings in the original document have not been corrected.

Gentlemen of the Council—It has been customary for years for the Mayor elect to indulge in an inaugural address. I think it unnecessary. The retiring Mayor has outlined the past in his message, I take it. It is for us to be of the present and the future. It is my hope and it is my belief that the executive, legislative and administrative branches of the city government will work in harmony, and it should be our desire, as I believe it is, to so fill our positions as will be for the best interests of all the people.

What is the further pleasure of the Council?


  • Chicago City Council. Journal of the Proceedings, April 8, 1895, p. 14.
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