Mayor George Bell Swift Inaugural Address, 1893

George Bell Swift Biography

Inauguration date: November 9, 1893

This speech is recorded as it first appeared in print. Archaic spelling and misspellings in the original document have not been corrected.

Editor’s note: On his inauguration day, November 9, 1893, Acting Mayor Swift delivered what the Chicago Daily Tribune called the shortest inaugural address on record. Here it is:

“Mr. Clerk will proceed with the regular order.”

Editor’s note: Acting Mayor Swift addressed the City Council after his election on November 6, 1893 as follows:

Gentlemen of the Council: I certainly deeply appreciate the manifestations of your good will, and in that connection I desire to say that I will endeavor in all my actions to continue to merit your good will, your esteem, and your approbation as members of the Council, as gentlemen and citizens of Chicago. Personally, of course, I am gratified to-night, and I believe the members of the Council, individually and collectively, are gratified, and I am sure the citizens of Chicago, without regard to partisanship, will be pleased when they learn of the happy solution to-night of what might have been a serious matter. I might have more to say were it not a fact that I had a most sumptuous dinner and a most bounteous supper and have been very busy all the afternoon and have had no time to attend to legislative matters. Consequently, I am not prepared with a set speech.


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