Mayor Frank J. Corr Inaugural Address, 1933

Frank J. Corr Biography

Inauguration date: March 15, 1933

This speech is recorded as it first appeared in print. Archaic spelling and misspellings in the original document have not been corrected.

Editor’s note: Official text not available; the following is a brief “inaugural utterance” as reported by the Chicago Tribune on March 15, 1933.

I shall to my utmost follow the policies of economy, retrenchment and good government enunciated and performed by our late mayor. I have no feeling of elation. I realize I am here through the hand of destiny and the tragedy which made Chicago and the nation suffer.

I assume the office in full knowledge of the responsibilities which go with it. I didn’t even know I was a candidate for mayor—and I shall need the aid of all my colleagues to bring order out of chaos.


  • Chicago Tribune, March 15, 1933, p. 1.
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