Mayor Edward F. Dunne Inaugural Address, 1905

Edward F. Dunne Biography

Inauguration date: April 10, 1905

This speech is recorded as it first appeared in print. Archaic spelling and misspellings in the original document have not been corrected.

It is usual to deliver what is called an inaugural address on these occasions. I forbear in view of the fact that my inaugural has been framed by the people of Chicago. The issues crystallized in the platform on which I was elected is the policy I have elected to carry out.

I shall use all the ability and industry with which my Maker has endowed me to carry out this platform of the City of Chicago. And I want to thank you, gentlemen, for the disposition you have already shown to aid by holding up my hands.

I shall try to act with the same impartiality and ability which you have just accorded to the retiring Mayor. If I shall deserve the same vote of thanks you have just given him, and if I succeed in carrying out the will of the people of Chicago, I shall retire at the end of my two years’ term well satisfied.


  • Chicago City Council. Journal of the Proceedings, April 10, 1905, p. 53–54.
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