Youth’s Companion Collection

Dates: 1892-1893
Size: 1 linear foot
Repository: Chicago Public Library, Harold Washington Library Center, Special Collections, 400 S. State St., Chicago, IL 60605
Collection Number: WCE-YC
Access: No restrictions
Citation: When quoting material from this collection the preferred citation is: Youth’s Companion Collection, [Box #, Folder #], Special Collections, Chicago Public Library

Scope and Content

The World’s Columbian Exposition Youth’s Companion Collection (WCE-YC) consists of 36 issues of the weekly journal, published in Boston, Massachusetts. The numbers, dating from October 20, 1892 to December 21, 1893, cover the period before, during and immediately after the World’s Columbian Exposition. All the issues in the collection contain articles and/or works of fiction related to various aspects of Fair activities, as well as advertisements of companies exhibiting their wares at the World’s Columbian Exposition.

During the months of operation of the Exposition, May 1 – October 28, 1893, the Youth's Companion – similar to today’s Life Magazine – consistently provided information to a national audience on Fair activities. Articles describing how easy it was to reach Chicago via the railways, descriptions of specific exhibits or pavilions, or announcements of special events provided the reader with much practical information about the World’s Columbian Exposition. Poems and short stories (for both children and adults) added to the rich body of fiction that evolved as a result of the Exposition. Other articles told of artists who worked on the buildings and grounds at Jackson Park, special visitors, and humorous anecdotes or other observations.

Many companies and manufacturers who exhibited or sold their products at the Exposition advertised in the pages of the Youth's Companion. These advertisements gave the 19th century visitor to the Fair an idea of the scope of the goods and services available there.


The Youth's Companion Collection is arranged chronologically.

Related Material

The May 5, 1893 issue of the Youth’s Companion was published as a Special Number specifically about the World's Columbian Exposition. This issue can be found in the Special Collections Department book collection (call number T500.B1Y6). Additionally, many examples of the souvenir advertisements found in the World's Columbian Exposition Ephemera Collection can also be found advertised in the pages of the Youth’s Companion.

The Newspapers & General Periodicals Division of The Chicago Public Library holds additional years of the Youth's Companion. A 72-hour advanced notice is required for confirming specific volumes and paging issues.

Container List

1. v. 65 (#42), October 20, 1892, p. 521. “A Wise Choice”; re: the New Jersey State Building.
2. v. 65 (#43), October 27, 1892, p. 574. Advertisement for the Boston Rubber Shoe Company.
3. v. 65 (#45), November 10, 1892, insert. Contains announcements on articles on the World’s Fair that will appear in v. 66.
4. v. 65 (#48), December 1, 1892, p. 637. “Ode to Chicago.”
5. v. 65 (#51), December 22, 1892, p. 676. “Going to the World's Fair”; re: passenger rail and travel to the World’s Fair.
6. v. 66 (#6), February 9, 1893, p. 74. “What to see at the World’s Fair,” by George R. Davis, Director General of the World’s Columbian Exposition. Article directed to children on Fair activities.
7. v. 66 (#7), February 16, 1893, p. 84. “The World’s Fair.” Article on how the Exposition will increase foreign awareness of U.S. resources and industries.
8. v. 66 (#8), February 23, 1893, p. 105. “An Artist’s Boyhood”; re: Francis Millet, a designer of the World’s Columbian Exposition and member of the Fair’s Department of Works.
9. v. 66 (#10), March 9, 1893, p. 128. “His Inspiration”: re: Francis Millet.
10. v. 66 (#13), March 30, 1893, p. 172. Advertisement for Hill’s Guide to Chicago and the World’s Fair. Chicago: Laird & Lee Publishers, [1893].
11. v. 66 (#17), April 27, 1893, p. 213. Advertisement for the World’s Fair Number of the Youth’s Companion.
12. v. 66 (#18), May 4, 1893, p. 228. “The World’s Fair.” Article on the World’s Columbian Exposition, included with the World's Fair Extra Number of the Youth’s Companion.
13. v. 66 (#19), May 11, 1893.
  • Advertisement for Lundborg perfumes, p. 241.
  • Advertisement for the Columbian Hotel & Baggage Transfer Company, p. 248.
14. v. 66 (#22), June 1, 1893.
  • “May Day at the World’s Fair” by C.A. Stephens, p. 279. Article on the Opening Ceremonies of the World’s Columbian Exposition held on May 1, 1893.
  • Advertisement for the World’s Fair Extra Number of the Youth’s Companion, p. 281.
  • “Alaska at the World’s Fair,” p. 282; re: Alaskan attractions at the Exposition, including the Alaska mining exhibit, timber, fisheries, and furs.
15. v. 66 (#23), June 8, 1893, p. 294. “Done in Corn”; re: the Iowa state Building.
16. v. 66 (#25), June 22, 1893.
  • “Photographed for His Pass,” p. 320; re: issuance of passes at the Exposition.
  • “Drinking Water at the Fair,” p. 323. Article about the availability of drinking water on the Fairgrounds, and the Hygeia Springs Water Company.
17. v. 66 (#26), June 29, 1893.
  • Cover Illustration: Statue of the Republic.
  • Advertisement for Christy Knives, p. 333.
  • “Savagely Assaulted,” p. 334; re: the rail travels of the Zulu Colony at the World's Fair.
  • “Ingenious,” p. 334. Article on the poachers exhibit at the Exposition.
  • "The Mezzin at the World’s Fair,” p. 337, re: the Mohammedan Mosque in the Turkish Village at the World's Fair.
18. #3451, July 13, 1893, p. 356. “Clergymen as Guards.” Article on the Columbian Guard of World’s Columbian Exposition.
19. #3453, July 27, 1893.
  • “A German Exhibitor at the World’s Fair,” p. 374; re: the German gold and silver department in the Manufactures & Liberal Arts Building.
  • “George Washington’s False Teeth” [in the Manufactures & Liberal Arts Building], p. 374.
20. #3454, August 3, 1893.
  • “Cows at the Fair,” p. 384; re: the dairy cow contest.
  • “Gondola Against Quakuhl Canoe,” p. 386. Article about the race between the Quakuhl Indian tribe and the Italian gondoliers on the South pond.
  • “Kodaks at the World’s Fair,” p. 387; students and their photographic pursuits at the Exposition.
  • "In the Citrus Belt,” p. 388. Article about the tower of oranges and the Liberty Bell of oranges in the Horticultural Building.
21. #3455, August 10, 1893, p. 392. “World’s Congresses”; re: the World’s Congress Auxiliary.
22. #3456, August l7, 1893, p. 399-400. “A City Under a Glass Roof”; re: the Manufactures & Liberal Arts Building.
23. #3457, August 24, 1893, p. 415. “Kit Columbus at the World’s Fair.” Children’s fiction.
24. #3458, August 31, 1893.
  • Advertisement for Mellin’s Food Exhibit (showing “The Awakening” by Perrault), p. 427.
  • Advertisement for Crown Pianos, p. 428.
25. #3459, September 7, 1893.
  • Advertisement for the World’s Fair Souvenir Puzzle, Burleigh & Enwright Manufacturing Company, p. 438.
  • Advertisement for the Liebig Company's Extract of Beef, p. 440.
26. #3461, September 21, 1893.
  • “The Rich and the Poor,” p. 456. Princess May of Great Britain “works” in the Woman’s Building and brings together the two classes of women.
  • “His Apt Reply,” p. 460. A “Countess” tries to get a complementary ticket to the Wor1d's Fair.
  • “Elsie at the World’s Fair,” p. 461. Children’s fiction: Elsie visits the Eskimo village.
  • "Newspaper Men at the Fair,” p. 462; re: the printed media at the Exposition.
27. #3462, September 28, 1893, p. 467. “In the Cliff Dwellers Cave.”
28. #3465, October 19, 1893, p. 504. “The Parliament of Religions” [of the World’s Congress Auxiliary].
29. #3467, November 2, 1893, p. 566. “Elsie at the World’s Fair.” Children’s Fiction: Elsie visits A Street in Cairo on the Midway Plaisance.
30. #3468, November 9, 1893 p., 572. “An American Exhibit.” An elevator breaks in the Woman’s Building and almost causes panic.
31. #3469, November 16, 1893.
  • “The Close of the Fair,” p. 584; re: the Closing Ceremonies of the World’s Columbian Exposition.
  • Advertisement for Perry Mason & Company Power Scroll Saws, p. 585.
  • Advertisement for Kirk’s Juvenile Soap, World’s Fair award winner, p.585
32. #3470, November 23, 1893.
  • Advertisement for Vose & Sons Piano Company, World’s Fair award winner, p. 585.
  • Advertisement for Mellin’s Foods, World’s Fair award winner, back page.
  • Advertisement for Lundborg Perfumes, World’s Fair award winner, p. III
  • Advertisement for Burnett’s Flavoring Extracts, World’s Fair award winner, p. III
33. #3471, November 30, 1893, p. 620. Advertisement for Walter Baker & Company.
34. #3472, December 7, 1893.
  • “Frightful Symptom,” p. 625; tale of an Oriental visitor to the Exposition.
  • Advertisement for Ayer's Sasparilla, p. 636.
35. #3473, December 14, 1893, p. 642. Advertisement for Glimpses of the World’s Fair. Chicago: Laird & Lee Publishers, [1893].
36. #3474, December 21, 1893.
  • Advertisement for Chickering & Sons Pianos, World’s Fair award winner, p. 636.
  • Advertisement for Mellin’s Foods, p. III “Babies at the World’s Fair,” p. 664; re: the Children's Building at the Exposition.
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