World’s Columbian Exposition Catholic Educational Exhibit

Dates: 1893
Size: 120 photographs
Repository: Chicago Public Library, Harold Washington Library Center, Special Collections, 400 S. State St., Chicago, IL 60605
Collection Number: WCE 5.1-5.120
Access: No restrictions. Although the photographs themselves are in excellent shape, the cardboard on which they are mounted is not. Care must be exercised in using these materials. The first board, bearing photos 5.1 and 5.2, is in several pieces.
Citation: When quoting material from this collection the preferred citation is: Catholic Educational Exhibit, [Image #], Special Collections, Chicago Public Library
Processed: August 1989

Scope and Content

The photographs in this collection are mounted two to a board on heavy cardboard measuring twelve by twenty-six inches. The photos, with three or four exceptions, measure seven and a half by nine and a quarter inches. The book has been disbound, and any title page is missing.

The first three photos show the facade of the Manufactures and Liberal Arts Building, in which the Catholic Educational Exhibit was displayed, and floor plans of the building, showing where this exhibit was located. The remaining 117 photos are of the exhibit itself. A complete list of photo identifications follows.

There is a blank cover sheet for the book, bearing the stamped words: “H.N. Higinbotham” and “Nov 1, 1911.” The name is that of Harlow Niles Higinbotham (1838-1919), chair of the Committee on Ways and Means for the Fair, and later President of the Fair’s Board of Directors.

The photos are sepia tone glossy prints.

Container List

Image 5.1 Southeast view, Manufactures and Liberal Arts Building
Image 5.2 Division of space for educational exhibits, south gallery Liberal Arts (Architectural floor plan)
Image 5.3 Division space in the Catholic Educational Exhibit (Architectural floor plan)
Image 5.4 View of headquarters; Bishop Spaulding’s portrait in oil
Image 5.5 View of east aisle running north and south; alcoves 92-115
Image 5.6 East aisle running north and south; alcoves 76-115
Image 5.7 Archbishop Feehan's statue in Carara marble
Image 5.8 Diocesan exhibit of Chicago; alcoves 84, 86, 88 and 90
Image 5.9 Alcove 69: Chicago Diocese
Image 5.10 North aisle running east and west; alcoves 40-73
Image 5.11 Alcove 70: Cathedral School, Holy Angels' School, Holy Family School, St. James’ School
Image 5.12 Alcove 71: St. Michael’s school, St. Paul’s School, St. Patrick’s Commercial Academy, St. Patrick’s Female School, St. Mary’s Training School of Feehanville
Image 5.13 Archdiocese of Chicago exhibit
Image 5.14 Eliza Allen Starr art exhibit, St. Francis Xavier Academy, Ephpheta School, House of the Good Shepherd
Image 5.15 Alcove 72: Parish schools, Diocese of Chicago
Image 5.16 Alcove 68: All Saints’ School, St. James School, St. Stephen School
Image 5.17 Alcove 70: Parish schools, Diocese of Chicago
Image 5.18 Alcove 56: Holy Angels Academy (Chicago), St. Patrick’s School (Memphis, TN)
Image 5.19 Alcove 58: Institute of our Lady, Longwood, IL--art and herbarium
Image 5.20 Alcoves 35-37: Diocese of Dubuque
Image 5.21 Alcoves 1-3: School Sisters of Notre Dame, Milwaukee & Baltimore
Image 5.22 Variant view of 21
Image 5.23 Variant view of 21
Image 5.24 A1cove 60: School Sisters of Notre Dame, Milwaukee
Image 5.25 Variant view of 21
Image 5.26 Painting: Ideal structure, giving statistics of the school sisters of Notre Dame of Milwaukee with over 73,000 pupils
Image 5.27 Alcove 4: Dominican Sisters, Sisters of Notre Dame
Image 5.28 Alcove 4: Illuminated and artistic pen and brush works
Image 5.29 Alcove 22: Archdiocese of New Orleans
Image 5.30 South aisle running east and west, alcoves 5 to 14
Image 5.31 Alcove 5: Archdiocese of New York
Image 5.32 Alcove 6: Archdiocese of New York: Sts. Bridget, Peter, & Joseph Schools
Image 5.33 Alcove 7: Archdiocese of New York: Various school exhibits
Image 5.34 Alcove 8: Schools in Newburgh, NY
Image 5.35 Alcove 9: Cathedral School, St. Patrick’s School, New York City
Image 5.36 Alcove 10: Mount St. Vincent's Academy-on-the-Hudson
Image 5.37 Alcove 11: LaSalle, Sacred Heart, St. Gabriel's Schools, New York
Image 5.38 Alcove 12: Manhattan College and De la Salle Institute, New York
Image 5.39 Alcoves 13-14: New York Catholic Protectory
Image 5.40 Variant view of 39
Image 5.41 Exterior view of alcoves 13 and 14
Image 5.42 Alcove 76: Various New York schools
Image 5.43 Alcove 78: St. Joseph’s Normal College, Amawalk, NY
Image 5.44 Alcove 44: Artistic embroidery of vestment, Miss M.G. Caldwell, first foundress of the Catholic University of America, Washington DC
Image 5.45 Alcove 97: LaSalle College (Philadelphia), Ammendale Normal Institute (Ammendale, MD)
Image 5.46 Alcoves 15-16: Archdiocese of Philadelphia
Image 5.47 Variant view of 46
Image 5.48 Variant view of 46
Image 5.49 Alcove 40: American Catholic Historical Society, Philadelphia
Image 5.50 Variant view of 49
Image 5.51 Alcove 99: St. Francis’ Industrial School, Eddington, PA
Image 5.52 Variant view of 51
Image 5.53 Alcove 75: St. Peter’s and other schools, Archdiocese of Philadelphia
Image 5.54 Aisle running north and south, alcoves 17-27 (odd numbers), Archdiocese of San Francisco
Image 5.55 Alcove 17: Colleges of Jesuit Fathers, San Francisco, San Jose, and Santa Clara, CA
Image 5.56 Alcove 21: Academies of Ladies of, the Sacred Heart, Sisters of Notre Dame, Sisters of Mercy, Ursuline Nuns, Diocese of San Francisco
Image 5.57 Alcove 23: San Francisco schools
Image 5.58 Alcove 25: San Francisco schools
Image 5.59 Alcove 27: San Francisco schools
Image 5.60 Alcove 27: Kindergarten work, Archdiocese of San Francisco
Image 5.61 Alcove 28: St. Francis’ Technical School, Mount St. Joseph’s Infant Asylum & Roman Catholic Orphanage, San Francisco
Image 5.62 Diploma to be awarded to institutions of learning
Image 5.63 Alcove 18: Diocese of Brooklyn
Image 5.64 Alcove 20: Diocese of Brooklyn
Image 5.65 Alcove 20: Art and industrial work exhibit, Diocese of Brooklyn
Image 5.66 Alcove 30: Diocese of Buffalo
Image 5.67 Alcoves 3l and 33: Diocese of Cleveland
Image 5.68 Hair painting by Sisters of the Humility of Mary, Villa Maria, PA (Shows Columbus landing in America, 1492)
Image 5.69 Alcove 39: Diocese of Detroit
Image 5.70 Alcove 39: Artistic needle-work set with gems, with faces painted in oi1, by Polish Felician Sisters, Detroit
Image 5.71 Alcoves 44 and 46: Catholic Historical Exhibit of portraits and relics, Bishops’ Memorial Hall, Notre Dame University (west side view)
Image 5.72 East side view of Catholic Historical Exhibit, Notre Dame University
Image 5.73 Alcoves 38 and 40: Notre Dame University
Image 5.74 Alcove 24: Diocese of Green Bay
Image 5.75 Alcove 43: Diocese of La Crosse, academies and parish schools
Image 5.76 Alcove 45: Diocese of Natchez and Denver--academies, parish schools, Indian and colored schools
Image 5.77 Alcove 53: Dioceses of Manchester and Sioux Falls
Image 5.78 Alcove 47: Diocese of Pittsburgh
Image 5.79 Alcove 49: Diocese of Pittsburgh
Image 5.80 Alcove 51: Diocese of Pittsburgh--Parish schools, Sisters of Mercy
Image 5.81 A1cove 89: St. Mary’s Institute, Dayton, OH
Image 5.82 Alcove 91: Preparatory Normal Institute, Dayton, OH
Image 5.83 Alcove 93: St. Mary’s College, San Antonio, TX; St. Louis’ College, Honolulu, HI
Image 5.84 Alcove 95: Brothers of Mary, parish schools across United States
Image 5.85 Alcove 55: Brothers of Mary, parish schools, Winnipeg and Hawaii
Image 5.86 Alcove 81: Schools of Brothers of the Sacred Heart--Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, and New Hampshire
Image 5.87 Alcove 83: St. Stanislaus’ College, Bay St. Louis, MS; Cathedral School, Natchez, MS; St. Aloysius’ School, Vicksburg, MS
Image 5.88 Alcove 94: Oil portrait of the Blessed J.B. De la Salle
Image 5.89 Alcove 113: Christian Brothers--Plaster casts, models in zinc and wood, to aid in teaching design, drawing, and construction
Image 5.90 Alcoves 112 and 114: Professional Trades School of St. Nicholas, Paris, France
Image 5.91 Hand-carved furniture, Professional Trades School
Image 5.92 Alcove 115: Ecole de la Salle (Christian Brothers’ Professional School for training skilled mechanics), Lyons and Douai, France
Image 5.93 Alcove 110: Professional deaf-mute school. St, Etianne, Loire, France
Image 5.94 Alcove 109: Drawing and design, Christian Brothers of France & Spain
Image 5.95 Alcove 108: Schools in Lille-Beauvais and other cities, France
Image 5.96 Alcove 106: Schools exhibits, Brothers of the Christian Schools, France and Spain
Image 5.97 Alcove 96: Christian Brothers’ College, St. Louis, MO
Image 5.98 Alcove 61: Brothers of the Christian Schools, Archdiocese of Baltimore
Image 5.99 Alcove 77: Christian Brothers’ College, Nashville, TN
Image 5.100 Alcove 101: Calvert Hall Institute & St. Alphonsus School, Baltimore
Image 5.101 Alcove 97: Christian Brothers' Schools, Baltimore and Newark, NJ
Image 5.102 Alcoves 98 and 100: Various schools: Glencoe, MO; St. Louis; Kansas City; St, Paul. MN; Chicago; New Orleans
Image 5.103 Alcove 102: Schools in Dioceses of Albany, Providence, Springfield, and Halifax
Image 5.104 Alcove 104: Christian Brothers' Academy, Albany, NY; St. Vincent’s Industrial School, Utica, NY
Image 5.105 Alcove 52: Sister of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul--Emmittsburg and Baltimore, MD; LaSalle, IL; Norfolk and Richmond, VA; Mobile, AL
Image 5.106 Alcove 54: Annunciation Academy and Colored Industrial School, Pine Bluff , AR, Diocese of Little Rock
Image 5.107 Alcove 66: Sisters of Divine Providence (TX) , Sisters of St. Francis (TN) , Sisters of Notre Dame (CA), Sisters of St. Francis (ID)
Image 5.108 Alcove 64: Exhibits of Sisters of Loretto, KY
Image 5.109 Alcove 62: Exhibits of Sisters of Loretto, various states
Image 5.110 Alcove 59: Various schools--Grass Valley and Eureka, CA; Nashville, TN
Image 5.111 Alcove 57: Andependiun, artistic needle-work. Sisters of Precious Blood, O’Fallon, MO
Image 5.112 Alcove 65: Sisters of Providence, Vigo County, IN--40 missions represented, mainly from Diocese of Vincennes
Image 5.113 Alcove 63: Art work, St. Joseph’s Convent, South St. Louis, MO
Image 5.114 Alcove 63: Parish schools, Sisters of St. Joseph
Image 5.115 Alcoves 80, 82: Gothic altar from Papal College, Josephinum, Columbus, OH. Hand-carved by orphans of the Industrial School, Columbus
Image 5.116 Middle aisle running north and south, alcoves 31 to 43
Image 5.117 Alcove 43: Ashe Art School, Memphis, TN
Image 5.118 Alcove 38: Gold bullion work and lace work, Visitation Academy, Mobile, AL
Image 5.119 Alcove 41: Columbian Library of Catholic Authors
Image 5.120 Portrait photo: Brother Maurelian, secretary and manager of the Catholic Educational Exhibit, greeting Monsignor Satolli, special delegate from Pope Leo XIII, and Monsignor O’Connell, Rector of the American College, Rome, Italy. 1892 Oct. 22
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