World’s Columbian Exposition Glass Plate Lantern Slides

Dates: 1893
Size: 44 glass plate lantern slides
Repository: Chicago Public Library, Harold Washington Library Center, Special Collections, 400 S. State Street, Chicago, IL 60605
Collection Number: WCE 1.1-1.44
Provenance: The forty-four glass plate lantern slides listed here were transferred from the Woodlawn Branch Library to Special Collections.
Access: No restrictions
Citation: When quoting material from this collection the preferred citation is: World’s Columbian Exposition Glass Plate Lantern Slides, [Image #], Special Collections, Chicago Public Library

Container List

1.1 Administration Building
1.2 Administration Building on Chicago Day, October 9, 1893
1.3 Administration Building on Chicago Day, October 9, 1893
1.4 Exhibit in the Agricultural Building - 15,000 stacks of flour
1.5 Art Palace
1.6 North entrance of the Art Palace
1.7 Blarney Castle, Irish Village, Midway Plaisance
1.8 Mammoth cheese exhibit in the Canadian section of the Agricultural Building
1.9 Ceylon Tea House, Midway Plaisance
1.10 Chinese Dragon, Midway Plaisance
1.11 Chinese Theatre, Midway Plaisance
1.12 Entrance to Street in Cairo, Midway Plaisance
1.13 Temple at the Street in Cairo, Midway Plaisance
1.14 Statue of Columbus
1.15 Cowboy statue by Proctor
1.16 Donegal Castle, Irish Village, Midway Plaisance
1.17 Electricity Building
1.18 Tower of Light exhibit in the Electricity Building
1.19 Fisheries Building
1.20 Electric light display at night on the Grand Basin
1.21 Arc of oranges in the Horticultural Building
1.22 Hide and Seek statue in the Illinois State Building
1.23 Illinois state exhibit in the Horticultural Building
1.24 Japanese Bazaar, Midway Plaisance
1.25 Convent of La Rabida
1.26 Courtyard of the Convent of La Rabida
1.27 Interior of Machinery Hall
1.28 Manufactures & Liberal Arts Building
1.29 Entrance to the French Section of the Manufactures & Liberal Arts Building
1.30 Michigan White Pine display in the Michigan State Building
1.31 East entrance to the Midway Plaisance
1.32 Silver statue in the Mines & Mining Building
1.33 New York State Building
1.34 Parade of All Nations
1.35 Arabian Circus parade, Midway Plaisance
1.36 Persian Palace
1.37 Columbus Caravel - The Pinta
1.38 Columbus Caravel - The Santa Maria
1.39 U.S. Navy Battle Ship (Naval Exhibit)
1.40 The Whale Back (ship)
1.41 Swedish Building
1.42 U.S. Government Building
1.43 Agricultural Building
1.44 [Unidentified; non-WCE]

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