Useni Eugene Perkins Papers

Dates: 1960-2014
Size: 12 linear feet (25 archival boxes)
Repository: Chicago Public Library, Woodson Regional Library, Vivian G. Harsh Research Collection of Afro-American History and Literature, 9525 S. Halsted Street, Chicago, Illinois 60628
Collection Number: 2014/01
Provenance: Donated by Useni Eugene Perkins and his designated literary executor, daughter, Julia Perkins, 2014.
Access: No restrictions
Citation: When quoting material from this collection the preferred citation is:Useni Eugene Perkins Papers, [Box #, Folder #], Chicago Public Library, Woodson Regional Library, Vivian G. Harsh Research Collection of Afro-American History and Literature
Processed by: Mosi Kamau, Harsh Archival Processing Project; supervised by Michael Flug, Senior Archivist, Harsh Archival Processing Project, 2015


The activist, administrator, social worker, poet, scholar, educator, playwright, and one of the figures of the renowned Black Arts Movement, Useni Eugene Perkins, was born in Chicago on September 13, 1932 as Eugene Perkins. His parents were the Chicago sculptor Marion Perkins and his wife, Eva. Throughout his life Useni was always around the arts while being taught to embrace his African American culture and heritage. When he was ten, his father took him to see Paul Robeson play the lead role in Shakespeare’s ‘Othello’. Useni credits the experience as an influential one in his decision to become a writer. He published his first poem in the Chicago Tribune at the age of eleven.

Perkins attended Wendell Phillips High School where he was editor of the newspaper wherein he also wrote creatively. In the early 1950s Perkins joined the US Air Force and was honorably discharged after serving three years. His collegiate experience carried him to Knoxville, Tennessee and Winston-Salem, North Carolina. He returned to Chicago to attend George Williams College where he graduated with a degree in group social work in 1961. Useni went on to earn his Masters of Science in administration from the same school in 1964. He furthered his education by earning 28 credits toward a Master of Science in Public Administration from DePaul University. Perkins has two children, Julia and Russell.

Most of Perkins’ professional life before retiring was centered on the social development of urban youth. For nearly two decades (1966-1982) he worked as the Director and Executive Director of the Better Boys Foundation Family Center in Chicago. The center was a large social organization dedicated to community development. In addition to and during his work with Better Boys, Perkins published “Home is a Dirty Street: The Social Oppression of Black Children” (1975). The book was praised and promoted by historian Lerone Bennett, Jr. Perkins later served as the Chief Executive Officer of the Urban League of Portland, Oregon, Interim President of the DuSable Museum, Professor and Project Director of Chicago State University Family Life Center. Perkins also served as the chairperson of “Artists for Harold Washington” during Washington’s election campaign to become the first African American mayor of Chicago and he was the co-founder and first president of the Chicago Black Theater Alliance (1974) and the Midwest Black Theater Alliance (1975).
The bulk of these Useni Eugene Perkins Papers contain draft manuscripts that are typed and handwritten original plays. Included here are children’s musicals, poems, and Perkins’ nonfiction work, as well as four archival boxes of his business communications. In viewing this collection as a whole it is clear that Perkins worked wonders to fuse his professional career as a social worker with his creative expression as a writer. His plays were primarily focused on presenting positive role models and lessons geared toward urban youth.

Perkins’ role as a social worker poet-playwright represents a subplot to many of his historical verses and dramas that were written for young people. One of his primary messages was for teens to aim higher than the realities of the streets and soar far above the stereotypical images of those too often offered by Hollywood. His book of poetry “Black is Beautiful,” and his plays about “Image Makers”, Ida B. Wells, Paul Robeson, Fred Hampton, Jean Baptiste DuSable, Haiti and Tulsa, Oklahoma are but a small example of the culturally specific subject matter Useni chose to write about.

It should be further noted that: “Image Makers” was performed in Nigeria during FESTAC in 1977 and was highly acclaimed. “Black Fairy and Other Plays,” published by Third World Press 1993 was also well-regarded. Some of the plays were performed locally as well as nationally. Perkins’s play “If We Must Die,” about the 1921 Tulsa riots, earned him an award from The Black Network for Excellence in Playwriting in 2002.

Useni’s creative work was greatly influenced by the Black Arts Movement which was a cultural program that grew out of the Civil Rights and Black Power movements of the 1960s and 1970s. He was an early and influential activist in OBAC, the Chicago-based expression of the Black Arts Movement. Perkins was listed with, hired and recognized by the largest Black talent agency in Chicago in the form of Abena Joan Brown’s “eta” (Ebony Talent Association Inc.). Also among Perkins’ accomplishments are his appointments. These include the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs Advisory Board (1984), the Chicago Board of Education Task Force on Gangs (1981), and Illinois Governor James Thompson’s Special Task Force on Troubled Youth (1980).




The Useni Eugene Perkins Papers are arranged into ten series: Biography; Manuscripts by Useni Perkins; Manuscripts by Others; Correspondence; Organizational Documents; Flyers and Programs; Clippings; Photographs, Audio-visual Materials; Certificates and Awards.

Series 1: Biography (1985-2014)

The Useni Eugene Perkins Papers starts with his biography as Series 1 which documents his professional and artistic life. Included are his curriculum vitae and various biographical items printed in reference texts. There is also a transcript of an interview with Useni, as well as a biographical listing with the “eta” (Ebony Talent Associates Inc.). This section is arranged chronologically where dates are known and the undated materials are placed at the end.

Series 2: Manuscripts by Useni Eugene Perkins (1960-2013)

These documents are a collection of fiction and non-fiction manuscripts written by Useni Eugene Perkins. They are divided into four sub series. The first is Fictional Manuscripts, which include his plays, the second are his musicals and the third are his poetry arranged alphabetically by title for each of the sections. The forth sub series contain non-fiction manuscripts in the form of papers and essays as well as supplemental study guides. The guides included herein provide a more in depth teaching/learning option for several of his children’s plays and musicals. Located at the very end of this forth sub series are a collection of Mr. Perkins’ articles published in the Black Culture section of Lu Palmer’s, the Black X-Press newspaper.

Series 3: Manuscripts by Others (1968-2008)

The papers in this series are articles written by other authors about Useni Perkins and/or his works. They are arranged alphabetically by author’s last name first with those articles without a named author being arranged chronologically by year.

Series 4: Correspondence (1973-2013)

Among these documents are letters written mostly to and some by Useni Perkins. Arranged by the writer’s last name first, the letters are from various political, academic and creative circles among others. Notable communications include those from; Michelle Alexander, Lerone Bennett Jr., Abena Joan Brown, Tony Brown, Richard M. Daley, Haki Madhubuti, James R. Thompson and Harold Washington.

Series 5: Organizational Documents (1988-2014)

This series is comprised of materials from Useni Perkins’ administrative experiences, primarily from his work as director of the Urban League in Portland, Oregon and it is arranged chronologically. Other documents include leadership and participation roles in various social service initiatives as well as his active involvement in Black arts organizations.

Series 6: Programs and Flyers (1981-2014)

This series includes programs and flyers documenting Useni Perkins programs, book publications, speaking engagements, and performances of his plays. All items are arranged chronologically.

Series 7: Clippings (1973-2012)

This series is comprised of an assortment of clippings covering the creative life and work of Useni Perkins, and also including articles addressing issues germane to African American communities, particularly the prevalence of gang-violence. The clippings are arranged chronologically by date and alphabetically by title. Undated clippings have been placed at the end.

Series 8: Photographs (1960s-2005)

Images within this grouping are a mix of dated and undated visual photographs, both color photos and black and white photographs. The majority of the images are shots of Perkins with others, including his children Julia and Russell as well as some his friends and associates. Of particular note are; Haki Madhubuti, Sonia Sanchez, Margaret Burroughs, Wade Nobles, Bill Cosby and Ruby Dee.

Series 9: Audio-visual Materials (1988-2004)

The Audio-visual series includes over twenty VHS formatted audio-visual recordings and four audio reel to reel tapes of Useni Perkins arranged chronologically. Combined they document Perkins’ interviews, lectures and local news spots as well as provide a recording of his plays “Hang Tough and Young John Henry” (Box 25-no audio). While the quality is still relatively good on most of the audio-visual recordings some of these are either partially or completely without audio and are so indicated in the container list and on the cassettes. Please note that due to the lack of a reel to reel player/recorder within the Harsh facilities, the quality of the four audio tapes included herein have not been previewed for archival assessment, but they are included as a part this collection nonetheless.

Series 10: Memorabilia: Certificates and Awards (1981-2012)

This series is arranged chronologically, with the only undated certificate placed at the end.


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Series 1: Biographical

Box 1 Folder 1 Greene, Michael. “Eugene Perkins” entry in Dictionary of Literary Biography-Volume Forty-One: African American Poets Since 1955, Harris, Trudier and Davis, Thadious M. Editors 251-257. Detroit: Gale Research Company, 1985
Box 1 Folder 2 Quotes & Biography of Useni Perkins in Harvesting New Generations. 112, 115-116, 94 Chicago: Third World Press, 1986
Box 1 Folder 3 Malinowski, Sharon. Editor. “Perkins, (Useni) Eugene” entry in Black Writers. 503-504. Detroit: Gale Research Inc., 1994
Box 1 Folder 4 Olendorf, Donna. Editor. “Perkins, (Useni) Eugene” entry in Contemporary Authors: Volume 142, 341-343. Detroit: Gale Research Inc., 1994
Box 1 Folder 5 Andrews, William L. et. al. editors. The Oxford Companion to African American Literature, 569-570. New York: Oxford University Press, 1997
Box 1 Folder 6 Billingham, James H. The History Makers. Washington, D.C.: The Library of Congress, circa 2003
Box 1 Folder 7 Dukes, Howard. “Black Institutions needed: Perkins” South Bend Tribune, sec. C1 and C3, 2004
Box 1 Folder 8 WBEZ91.5. “The Art of a Community Speaks Across Generations: Useni Eugene Perkins and Julia Perkins”. 2012
Box 1 Folder 9 “Manuscripts for Vivian Harsh Collection” circa 2014
Box 1 Folder 10 “Bibliography [edit]” undated
Box 1 Folder 11 BookRags Biography, undated
Box 1 Folder 12 “Conference on Black Child Development under White Supremacy”, undated
Box 1 Folder 13 Ebony Talent Associates inc., undated
Box 1 Folder 14 Photocopies of pictures, 1973 & 2012 & undated
Box 1 Folder 15 “Q & A with Useni Eugene Perkins by Collette ‘Atalata’ Armstead”, undated
Box 1 Folder 16 “Speakers” undated
Box 1 Folder 17 “Useni Eugene Perkins Biography”, undated
Box 1 Folder 18 Useni Eugene Perkins’ curriculum vitae, undated
Box 1 Folder 19 Useni Eugene Perkins, vitae (2 copies) undated

Series 2: Manuscripts by Useni Perkins

Sub Series 1: Fictional Manuscripts--Plays

Box 2 Folder 1 “A Paradoxical Relationship: Meetings Between Frederick Douglas and Abe Lincoln” handwritten, an accompanying study guides can be found in Box 14 of this collection, undated
Box 2 Folder 2 “An Eagle on His Button: A Two Act Drama”, (2 copies) 2005
Box 2 Folder 3 “And Nothing Do We Own But Death: A Two Act Drama” 2009
Box 2 Folder 4 “Assassination of A Dream: An Allegorical Drama in Three Acts” 1977
Box 2 Folder 5 “Assassination of Dream A Drama in Two Acts”, handwritten with edits, 2003
Box 2 Folder 6 “Assassination of A Dream A Drama in Two Acts" 2003
Box 2 Folder 7 “Behold , The Cry of the Black Ghetto: A One Act Play” 1970
Box 2 Folder 8 “Behold the Day of Lord Cometh (The Trial of Denmark Vesey): A Three Act Drama” 1973
Box 3 Folder 1 “Black is So Beautiful” circa 1960
Box 3 Folder 2 “Brothers: A Play in Three Acts” original manuscript, 1976
Box 3 Folder 3 “Brothers A Play in Three Acts” undated
Box 3 Folder 4 “Cinque A Drama in Three Acts” shorter revised version (as noted by author), a study guide can be found in Box 14 of this collection, undated
Box 3 Folder 5 “Cinque: A Drama in Three Acts” shorter version produced (as noted by author) a study guide can be found in Box 14 of this collection, undated
Box 3 Folder 6 “Cinque: A Narrative Play (In Three Acts)”, original script long version, pages 1-3 missing (as noted by author) a study guide can be found in Box 14 of this collection, undated
Box 3 Folder 7 “Draft Six - Emancipation or Preservation?: A Discussion Between Frederick Douglas and Abraham Lincoln” co-authored with Runako Jahi, (2 copies) an accompanying study guides can be found in Box 14 of this collection, undated
Box 4 Folder 1 “Fred Hampton: A One Act Play” original, undated
Box 4 Folder 2 “Give Us A Chance!: A Dramatization on the Illinois Eight[h] Regiment”, handwritten 1st draft, 1999
Box 4 Folder 3 “Give Us A Chance!: A Dramatization on the Illinois Eighth Regiment”, typed and handwritten, 1999
Box 4 Folder 4 “Give Us A Chance: A Semi-Dramatization On the Illinois Eighth Regiment” with edits, 1999
Box 4 Folder 5 “Give Us A Chance: A Semi-Dramatization On the Illinois Eighth Regiment” 1999
Box 4 Folder 6 “God is Black But He’s Dead: One Act Play” (2 copies) undated
Box 4 Folder 7 “If We Must Die: A Play Based on the 1921 Tulsa Race War” 1995
Box 5 Folder 1 “In Pride of Race: A Drama on the Early Life of W.E.B. DuBois” 1980
Box 5 Folder 2 “It Can Never Be In Vain: A One Act Play” undated
Box 5 Folder 3 “Legacy of Leadbelly: A One Act Play” short version, copies of the musical by the same title can be found within this series, undated
Box 5 Folder 4 “Loyalty to Convictions: A Play Based on Events in the Life of Paul Robeson (1949-1956)” fourth draft, mostly handwritten with edits, also listed under Paul Robeson in Box 11 of this collection, a study guide was developed for this play and can be found in Box 15 of this collection, 1997
Box 5 Folder 5 “Loyalty to Convictions: A Play Based on Events in the Life of Paul Robeson (1949-1956)” typed with 2 written edits, also listed under Paul Robeson in Box 11 of this collection, a study guide was developed for this play and be found in Box 15 of this collection, 1997
Box 5 Folder 6 “Loyalty to Convictions: A Play Based on Events in the Life of Paul Robeson (1949-1956)” bound copy, also listed under Paul Robeson in Box 11 of this collection, a study guide was developed for this play and be found in Box 15 of this collection, 1997
Box 6 Folder 1 “No Spring for Eve: A Three Act Drama” 1976
Box 6 Folder 2 “Oseyefo (Victorious Leader): A Play in Progress” 2010
Box 6 Folder 3 “Osegyefo: The Epic Life Kwame Nkruma” handwritten, 2011
Box 6 Folder 4 “Our Street: A One Act Play for Black Children” undated
Box 6 Folder 5 “Our Street: A One Act Play for Black Children” (as noted by the author) circa 1960
Box 6 Folder 6 “Professor J.B.: A Drama in Three Acts” original script, 1973
Box 6 Folder 7 “Professor J.B.: A Drama in Three Acts” 1973
Box 6 Folder 8 “Professor J.B.: A Drama in Three Acts” revised copy, 1978
Box 7 Folder 1 “Quinn Chapel” original manuscripts, 2 copies, 1977
Box 7 Folder 2 “The Compromise” final, submitted to Ophelia Wellington, Director of Freedom Village, Indianapolis, Indiana, 2 copies, 1993
Box 7 Folder 3 “The Image Makers: A Satire in Two Acts, Part I” 1971
Box 7 Folder 4 “The Image Makers: A Satire in Two Acts Part II” this play has never been performed (as noted by author), undated
Box 7 Folder 5 “The Last Phoenix: A Three Act Drama” 1980
Box 7 Folder 6 “The Murder of Steve Biko: A Drama” (2 copies) 1978
Box 7 Folder 7 “The Paradoxical Relationship of Frederick Douglas and Abraham Lincoln” co-authored with Runako Jahi, for the DuSable Museum, (2 copies) undated
Box 7 Folder 8 “The Shelter: A One Act Play” undated
Box 7 Folder 9 “This Little Light of Mine: An Interpretive Dramatization of the Mississippi Summer Project: A Work in Progress” with note from author, (2 copies) 2009
Box 7 Folder 10 “This Little Light of Mine” 2009
Box 7 Folder 11 “Thunder Is Not Yet Rain, A Three Act Play, circa 1977
Box 8 Folder 1 “Thunder Is Not Yet Rain: A Three Act Play” handwritten note by author, circa 1977
Box 8 Folder 2 “To Live A New Life With You: A Three Act Drama” (2 copies) 1977
Box 8 Folder 3 “Turn A Black Cheek: A Play in Three Acts” 1968
Box 8 Folder 4 “Under The Sun: A Two Act Drama” 2011
Box 8 Folder 5 “Under The Sun: A Two Act Drama” with handwritten edits, 2011
Box 9 Folder 1 “Who’ll Sound the Requiem” handwritten, undated
Box 9 Folder 2 “Who’ll Sound the Requiem” handwritten, 2005
Box 9 Folder 3 “Who’ll Sound the Requiem: A Drama in Two Acts” handwritten and typed with edits, 2005
Box 9 Folder 4 “Who’ll Sound the Requiem: A Two Act Drama” first version, 2005
Box 9 Folder 5 “Who’ll Sound the Requiem: A Two Act Drama” revised version, typed and handwritten pages and corrections, 2006
Box 9 Folder 6 “Who’ll Sound the Requiem: A Two Act Drama” original version, 2006
Box 9 Folder 7 “Who’ll Sound the Requiem: A Two Act Drama” final revised version, 2007
Box 9 Folder 8 “Yesterday’s Image (A One Act Play)” 1977

Sub Series 2: Musicals

Box 10 Folder 1 “Black Fairy: A Children’s Musical” includes sheet music by Tony Llorens and Jani Ayinde, 1974-75
Box 10 Folder 2 “Black Fairy: A Children’s Musical” with sheet music,1975
Box 10 Folder 3 “Good Night, Irene: Legacy of Leadbelly-A Drama With Music” (2 copies) 1998
Box 10 Folder 4 “Haitian Trilogy: Musical with Libretto” 1991
Box 10 Folder 5 “Hang Tough!: A Dramatic Musical” (2 copies) 1987
Box 10 Folder 6 “Ida B. Wells: A Lady of Courage” typewriter font, 1999
Box 10 Folder 7 “Ida B. Wells: Lady of Courage” publishing font,1999
Box 11 Folder 1 “Julani and the Lock: A Children’s Musical” handwritten first draft, book and lyrics by author (as notated by author) 2005
Box 11 Folder 2 “Julani and the Lock: A Children’s Musical” typed first draft, 2005
Box 11 Folder 3 “Julani and the Lock: A Children’s Musical” typed second draft, 2005
Box 11 Folder 4 “Kamaul and Malika and the Seven Principles: A Musical Fable for Children” second draft (2 copies) 1995
Box 11 Folder 5 “Legend of Deadwood Dick” With Sheet Music, 1975
Box 11 Folder 6 “Papa’s Child: Story of Etta Moten Barnett” (see photo in Box 22, 038) undated
Box 11 Folder 7 “Paul Robeson: Tallest Tree in the Forest” A Musical for Young People, also listed under Loyalty to Convictions in Box 5, a study guide was developed for this play and be found in Box 15 of this collection, (2 copies) 1997
Box 11 Folder 8 “Steal Away: The Freedom Journey of Harriet Tubman” A Short Musical Drama With Traditional Spirituals-With Sheet Music, undated
Box 11 Folder 9 “The Black Chief: Legacy of Jean Baptiste Pointe DuSable” undated
Box 11 Folder 10 “The Epic and Indomitable Spirit of John Henry ” undated
Box 11 Folder 11 “Untitled Children’s Musical on Etta Motten Barnett” first draft, with sheet music, see photos for an image from the play, undated
Box 11 Folder 12 “Untitled Children’s Musical on Etta Moten Barnett” undated
Box 11 Folder 13 “Voices of HIV Not A Fairy Tale” first draft (2 Copies) 2007

Sub Series 3: Poetry

Box 12 Folder 1 “An Apology to my African Brother…” special copy, column published in Black X-press, December 22, 1973, 1965
Box 12 Folder 2 “Hey Black Child” 1981
Box 12 Folder 3 “Sankofa Journey: Going Back to Go Forward-Impressions of My Pilgrimage to Ghana, Togo and Berlin” 2000
Box 12 Folder 4 “Reflection of South African Zimbabwe and the World Conference on Racism” 2001
Box 12 Folder 5 “Hey Black Child: And Other Children’s Poems” 2003
Box 12 Folder 6 “Fathers Are Not Always Heroes (but they can be)” 2004
Box 12 Folder 7 “Return to Ghana: Expressions From My Educational Journey” 2009
Box 12 Folder 8 “Children’s Poems” undated
Box 12 Folder 9 “It Can Never Be In Vain: In Memorial (For Rita, Edison, Lamont and Bill)” undated

Sub Series 4: Non Fiction Manuscripts by Useni Perkins

Box 13 Folder 1 “A Trilogy for Black Men” 2002
Box 13 Folder 2 “Afterthought; A Legacy of Creativity and Activism” a draft for the Marion Perkins Catalogue, hosted by the Vivian Harsh Collection of the Woodson Regional Library, circa 2013
Box 13 Folder 3 “Black Child Journal-The Black Child Family and the Community” winter edition, 2014
Box 13 Folder 4 “Black community needs to set own agenda” 1988
Box 13 Folder 5 “Black Theatre and Community Expression-An Address Prepared for Black Writers Conference: College of Holy Cross” Worcester, Mass., 1969
Box 13 Folder 6 “Black Writers and the Liberation Movement” 1969
Box 13 Folder 7 “Creative Journeys: Pathways to Black Theater for Children” Chicago State University, Chocolate Chips Theatre Company, eta Creative Arts Foundation, 2003
Box 13 Folder 8 “Criminalization of Young Black Males A Paper Presented at the Turning of the Centuries Conference Theme: ‘Deconstructing Violence’ Strategies and Alternatives” 2003
Box 13 Folder 9 “Drawing Up The Totals: An Interview with Yuri Ljubimov” (2 copies with different pagination) 1988
Box 13 Folder 10 “Editor’s Message” by Useni Perkins, published in Successful Black Parenting, May/June, 1997
Box 13 Folder 11 “Give Us A Chance” Notes and research materials for Useni Perkins’ play on the Illinois Eighth Regiment, file created in 2003
Box 13 Folder 12 “Home Is A Dirty Street: Social Oppression”, original script pages 1-144, 1975
Box 13 Folder 13 “Home Is A Dirty Street” original script, pages 145-282 with Epilogue, 1975
Box 13 Folder 14 “Incident in Decatur: A Commentary” with edit, 1999
Box 13 Folder 15 “Literature of Combat: Poetry of Afrikan Liberation Movements,” (two copies with brief biographical material), Journal of Black Studies, December 1976
Box 13 Folder 16 “Literature of Combat: Poetry of Afrikan Liberation Movements”, first version (as noted by author) reprinted in smaller format for Better Boys Foundation, December 1976
Box 13 Folder 17 “Little Black Sambo: The Quest for Literary Integrity in Multi-Culture: Paper Presented at the Northwest Regional Council of Teachers of English Conference”-Portland, Oregon, 1991
Box 13 Folder 18 “Major Factors Contributing to the Racial Oppression of Young Black Males” outlined, appendix 2, 1991
Box 14 Folder 1 “Report From Durban: World Conference on Racism”, FCVP (Family Community Violence Prevention) Newsletter, booklet with 2 copies of Perkins’ article on page 3), 2001
Box 14 Folder 2 “Sociological Analysis of the Black Community” Flowchart, 1978
Box 14 Folder 3 “Teen Dating Violence, Ethnic Identity and Depression in Inner City African American Youths and Young Adults: Correlates of Psychological Aggression among Victims and Aggressors” co-authored with Michael C. Edwards and Cheryl Green, Journal of Knowledge and Best Practices in Juvenile Justice and Psychology, 2006
Box 14 Folder 4 “The Black Arts Movement: Its Challenge and Responsibility,” published in “The Black 70s,” March, 1970
Box 14 Folder 5 “The Need for a National Black Theater Institution: A Paper Prepared for the Workshop, ‘Effective Unification of Black Theater Organizations in America’” 1978
Box 14 Folder 6 “The New Voices Sing of Black Cultural Power,” featured article in Chicago Daily News “Panorama” section, December 7, 1968
Box 14 Folder 7 “The Protestant Work Ethic and the African American Community, ” from Hearing on Unemployment and Underemployment, 1989
Box 14 Folder 8 “Ending Gang Violence: Whose Problem Is It?”, printed in the Wichita Eagle (Kansas), July 9, 1995
Box 14 Folder 9 “Urban Education Projects: Black Writers and the Liberation Movement,” printed in Illinois English Bulletin, May 1969
Box 14 Folder 10 “Violence, Street Gangs and the Desocialization of Young Black Males: Testimony to Illinois Commission on African-American Males Family Life and American Manhood Task Force Hearing” 1992
Box 14 Folder 11 “Why Black Gangs are Reappearing in Chicago,” a “personal view” by Eugene Perkins, Chicago Sun-Times, September 3, 1980
Box 14 Folder 12 “A CSU Theatre Production-The Black Chief: Legacy of Jean Baptiste Pointe DuSable-First Permanent Non-Indian Settler in Chicago-A Study Guide…” undated
Box 14 Folder 13 “African American Manhood Pledge” prelude and pledge, (2 copies) undated
Box 14 Folder 14 “’Amistad’ Hollywood or History? A Commentary on the Artistic/Historical” printed in Mo Better News, undated
Box 14 Folder 15 “Basic Outline for Writing a Play,” reprinted from Black X-press, undated
Box 14 Folder 16 “‘Black Cycle’…. A Fragmented Canvas of Black Life” undated
Box 14 Folder 17 “Black Theater As Image Maker” undated
Box 14 Folder 18 “Black Theater in Chicago-a Struggle for Survival” undated
Box 14 Folder 19 “Developing Dramatic Material for Black Children: A Manual for Playwrights, Dramatic Instructors and Teachers” Better Boys Foundation, undated
Box 14 Folder 20 “Literature of Combat: Poetry of Afrika Liberation Movements” final revised version, undated
Box 14 Folder 21 “Our ‘villages’ need strengthening,” Letter to the Editor of the Chicago Defender, undated
Box 14 Folder 22 “Paradigm for the Positive Development of Individual Family and Community: An Outline for Black Empowerment and Violence Reduction” undated
Box 14 Folder 23 “Profiles of Workshops” undated
Box 14 Folder 24 “Student Guide for-Cinque and the Amistad Revolt: A Historical Drama”, ‘directed by Okoro Harold Johnson, undated
Box 14 Folder 25 “Study Guide for-Emancipation or Preservation?: A Discourse Between Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln: An Interpretive Dramatization” first draft, undated
Box 14 Folder 26 “Study Guide for the Play Emancipation or Preservation? A Discourse Between Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln: An Interpretive Dramatization” co-authored by Runako Jahi, presented by DuSable Museum, undated
Box14 Folder 27 "Abbreviated Overview and Chronology of Chicago's Black Arts Movement from 1965 to 1975 (A Working Draft)," undated.
Box 14 Folder 28 “The Black Arts Movement: Its Challenges and Responsibility” (2 copies) undated
Box 14 Folder 29 “The Black Author’s View of Black Life in Chicago (1940-1973)” Part I, (2 copies) undated
Box 14 Folder 30 “The Black Author’s View of Black Life in Chicago” Part II, last page(s) missing, includes loose copies of pages 53-55 and 57, undated
Box 14 Folder 31 “The 10-Block Radius Model…’A Paradigm for the Positive Development of Black Foster Care Youth in the District of Columbia….’” graphic chart, undated
Box 14 Folder 32 “The Impact of Institutional Racism on Violence in America: Building Positive Factors for our Youth” panel discussion transcript of the 4th National Conference on Family and Community Violence Prevention”, undated
Box 14 Folder 33 “The Juvenile Justice System and the Desocialization of African American Youth” (2 copies) undated
Box 14 Folder 34 “The Seven “R’s” Pledge” + “Manhood Pledge” on the back, undated
Box 14 Folder 35 “Under the Leadership of Useni Perkins, the DuSable Museum Looks Forward to Expansion in 1990” enlarged article, undated
Box 14 Folder 36 “Whose History, Who Cares?: A Commentary on Artistic/Historical Interpretation of the Amistad Revolution” no pagination, undated
Box 14 Folder 37 “Whose History, Who Cares?: A Commentary on Artistic/Historical Interpretation of the Amistad Revolt”, with edit, undated
Box 14 Folder 38 “Whose History, Who Cares?: A Commentary on Artistic/Historical Interpretation of the Amistad Revolt” (2 copies with different pagination) undated
Box 14 Folder 39 “Youth Violence and The National Debate” (2 copies), undated
Box 14 Folder 40 Black X-Press, May-June, 1973
Box 14 Folder 41 Black X-Press, July, 1973
Box 14 Folder 42 Black X-Press, August, 1973
Box 14 Folder 43 Black X-Press, September, 1973
Box 14 Folder 44 Black X-Press, October, 1973
Box 14 Folder 45 Black X-Press, November, 1973
Box 14 Folder 46 Black X-Press, December, 1973
Box 14 Folder 47 Black X-Press, January, 1974
Box 14 Folder 48 Black X-Press, February, 1974
Box 14 Folder 49 Black X-Press, March, 1974
Box 14 Folder 50 Black X-Press, April, 1974
Box 14 Folder 51 Black X-Press, May, 1974
Box 14 Folder 52 Black X-Press, June, 1974
Box 14 Folder 53 Black X-Press, July, 1974

Series 3: Manuscripts by Others

Box 15 Folder 1 Afrik, Hannibal Tirus, “For African American Education The Black Child Journey,” Chicago Defender, March 25, 1995
Box 15 Folder 2 Anderson, Elijah, “The Code of the Streets,” Atlantic Monthly, 1994
Box 15 Folder 3 Bonds, Matthew “Eugene Perkins…Kuumba Author a Living Legend” South End Review, February 27, 1975
Box 15 Folder 4 Brandon, Craig, “Poet Says Blacks Need New Words”, Albany (NY) Times Union, February 7, 1988
Box 15 Folder 5 Charles, Harold E. “For Black Education: Harvesting New Generations” Chicago Defender, October 3, 1987
Box 15 Folder 6 Cose, Ellis, “Blacks Point a Way to Aid Prisoners,” Chicago Sun Times, February 26, 1973
Box 15 Folder 7 Crockett, Sandra, “Community Trust Tabs 3 for Grant,” Chicago Defender, January 28, 1985
Box 15 Folder 8 Felder, Howard Dr. “A Study Guide for ‘Paul Robeson: The Tallest Tree in the Forest’”, 1999
Box 15 Folder 9 Hachett, David, “A Conflict of Reasons & Remedies”, The Crisis, March 1986
Box 15 Folder 10 Jahi, Runako, “Useni,” (a poem), 1988, and Cassandra Harris, “Hey Black Child,” (a poem), 1998
Box 15 Folder 11 Jones, Kenneth M., “The Black in Jeopardy: A Crisis Report on the Status of the Black American Male,” The Crisis, March 1986
Box 15 Folder 12 Lanahan, John, “The Image Makers: Kuumba Workshop,” The Reader, undated
Box 15 Folder 13 Mazza, Patrick, “Urban League Head Authority on Youth Problems,” The Skanner (Portland, Oregon), 1988
Box 15 Folder 14 Millender, Naomi, “eta Presents Showfolk-A Cultural Entertainment Series-‘Black Fairy,’ Educational Programs for Student Groups-Study Guide…” president and producer Abena Joan Brown, artistic director Runako Jahi, 1988
Box 15 Folder 15 Morris, Glenn, “Someone You Should Know: Mr. Useni Perkins,” Sankofa News, December 15, 2003
Box 15 Folder 16 Nelson, Mary, “Literary Group Offers Sounding Board for Aspiring Black Writers in Portland,” The Oregonian, October 5, 1989
Box 15 Folder 17 Nelson, Mary, “The Afrocentric Perspective: Useni Eugene Perkins, Social Worker and Writer, Urges Black Writers to Focus on Their African American Experience,” The Oregonian, October 5, 1989
Box 15 Folder 18 Oliver, William, “Black Males and Social Problems: Prevention Through Afrocentric Socialization,” Journal of Black Studies, 1989
Box 15 Folder 19 Oliver, William, “The Streets: An Alternative Black Male Socialization Institution,” Journal of Black Studies, 2005
Box 15 Folder 20 Pates, Harold “Artistic Imagery as a Factor in the Politics of Socialization and African Liberation During the 1960s and Beyond,” publication unknown, undated
Box 15 Folder 21 Riley, Norman “Footnotes of a Culture at Risk,” The Crisis, March 1986
Box 15 Folder 22 Ruffins, Paul “Fighting to be Heard: Black Criminologists Seek Proper Context to Explain Racism’s Influence on Black Crime” 2002
Box 15 Folder 23 Stork, Dorothy “Black Poet Just a Black to the Cops,” Chicago Today, June 30, 1969
Box 15 Folder 24 Storm, Eugene, “Operation Crossroads Is Program for Black People,” Chicago Tribune, October 13, 1968
Box 15 Folder 25 Townsend, Audarisha, “The Return of the Black Child Journal,” Chicago Defender, February 4, 1995
Box 15 Folder 26 Ward, Ted, “Artist in Focus: Interview with Ted Ward” from “Movin’ on in Space and Time: A Journal for the Fine Arts and Foreign Language,” October 1974
Box 15 Folder 27 Washington, Cleve “Perkins Pulls the Plug on Electric Niggers” publication unknown, undated
Box 15 Folder 28 Watts, James D., Jr. “Tulsa Race Riot was Basis for Chicago Troupe’s Production,” Tulsa World, April 27, 2001
Box 15 Folder 29 Whyte, Pauline T. “Culture Grew at Ida Cole ‘Scouted’ for Ida B. Wells,” Chicago Defender, August 31, 1985
Box 15 Folder 30 Wickham, Olembe “African Canadian Men Seek Answers: Don’t Think of Yourselves as an Endangered Species Advises Keynote Speaker,” Pride Magazine, November 9, 1995
Box 15 Folder 31 Williams, Vance A. “Nubian Dad”, Successful Black Parenting, 1997
Box 15 Folder 32 Worrill, Conrad W. “We Must Reclaim Our Youth,” Chicago Defender, May 20, 1987
Box 15 Folder 33 “Theater Review-Some irrelevant praise,” Chicago Tribune, November 2, 1973
Box 15 Folder 34 “Chicago Players Star in Nigeria,” Chicago Defender, February 14, 1977
Box 15 Folder 35 “Black Coalition to Combat Gangs,” Skanner, June 22,1988
Box 15 Folder 36 “Additional Study Guide Infusing Thinking Into Instruction: Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass” Comparing and Contrasting, 1994
Box 15 Folder 37 “Corliss Mentor Celebration” Corliss High School Events website, 2008
Box 15 Folder 38 “Hales Franciscan High School: Report on the Multi-group Ethnic Identity Measure”, 2008
Box 15 Folder 39 “Pine Avenue Performing Arts Center Attracting Theater Professionals to Work With Youth,” Austin World, February 20, 2008
Box 15 Folder 40 “Voices of Biribi Volume 1: Expressions of Hope From Students of Abelenkpe Jr. High School” Accra-Ghana, Africa, 2009

Series 4: Correspondence

Box 16 Folder 1 Adams, Billie Wright, 1987
Box 16 Folder 2 Akers, Stephanie (Stevie), 2011
Box 16 Folder 3 Akujieze, Justin K., 2010
Box 16 Folder 4 Al-Fadhi, Hussain, 1999
Box 16 Folder 5 Alexis, Marvin, undated
Box 16 Folder 6 Anderson, Beverly J., 2005
Box 16 Folder 7 Angela, (2 copies) 2009
Box 16 Folder 8 Anonymous, 1978-undated
Box 16 Folder 9 Asberry, Diane, 2004
Box 16 Folder 10 Battle, Michael A., 2003
Box 16 Folder 11 Bell, Barbara A., 1996
Box 16 Folder 12 Bell, Derrick A., 1991
Box 16 Folder 13 Bennett, Lerone Jr., 1972
Box 16 Folder 14 Betts, Daniels E., 2000
Box 16 Folder 15 Bogle, Dick, 1988
Box 16 Folder 16 Bolden, B.J., 2000
Box 16 Folder 17 Bolden, B.J. and Madhubuti, Haki, 2000
Box 16 Folder 18 Bourelly, Haroldine, 1991
Box 16 Folder 19 Boursiquot, Janice, 1990
Box 16 Folder 20 Bowen, Joyce, 1985
Box 16 Folder 21 Brennan, Patrick, 1989
Box 16 Folder 22 Brna, Paul, 1987
Box 16 Folder 23 Brooks, Ghingo, 2010
Box 16 Folder 24 Brooks, Leatha and Rooks, Shaunette
Box 16 Folder 25 Brown, Abena Joan P., 2004-2006
Box 16 Folder 26 Brown, Barbara, 2000
Box 16 Folder 27 Brown, Tony, 1973
Box 16 Folder 28 Browning, Andrea, undated
Box 16 Folder 29 Burgess, Braxton, 1986
Box 16 Folder 30 Burke, Anne M., 2012
Box 16 Folder 31 Burke, Mary M., 1998
Box 16 Folder 32 Burroughs-White, Claudette, 1986
Box 16 Folder 33 Burts, Quentin, 1993
Box 16 Folder 34 Calloway, Earl, 1979
Box 16 Folder 35 Calloway, Elena, 1990
Box 16 Folder 36 Candace, 1993
Box 16 Folder 37 Carr, Maudette T., 1991
Box 16 Folder 38 Carruthers, Iva E., Hayes, Frederick D. and Alexander, Michelle, 2011
Box 16 Folder 39 Chachere, Kim, 2000
Box 16 Folder 40 Chenault, Margea, 2000
Box 16 Folder 41 Chunn, Gwendolyn C., 2001
Box 16 Folder 42 Clark, Ernestine, 1999
Box 16 Folder 43 Clements, George, 2002
Box 16 Folder 44 Colbert, Stephana I. and Harrison, Valerie I., 2005
Box 16 Folder 45 Cole, Johnetta B., 2005
Box 16 Folder 46 Coleman, Letha, 1986
Box 16 Folder 47 Cook, Wilbert and Townsend, William L., 2002
Box 16 Folder 48 Crawford, Margo A., 1991
Box 16 Folder 49 Cross, Delores E., 1991
Box 16 Folder 50 Cullins, Jennifer, 1987
Box 16 Folder 51 Currin, Grace, 1999
Box 16 Folder 52 Daley, Richard, 1990
Box 16 Folder 53 Daniel, Elenora D., 2000-2004
Box 16 Folder 54 Davis, Danny K., 2011
Box 16 Folder 55 Dixon, Dorenda K., 2002
Box 16 Folder 56 Dortich, Jessie, 2001
Box 16 Folder 57 Dozier-Henry, Oare, 1990
Box 16 Folder 58 Duncan, Danielle, 2000
Box 16 Folder 59 Dunn, Larry, 2000
Box 16 Folder 60 Durbin, Richard J., 1987
Box 17 Folder 1 Edwards, Tiffany C., 1993
Box 17 Folder 2 Ellis, Susie L., 1987
Box 17 Folder 3 Esarey, Carol, 1991
Box 17 Folder 4 Feinstein, Sascha, 1994
Box 17 Folder 5 Fine, Fred, 1984-1986
Box 17 Folder 6 Foreman, Eleanor, 1996
Box 17 Folder 7 Frazier, Wynetta, 1987
Box 17 Folder 8 Fredricks, Elvin from Ward, Val Gray, 1978
Box 17 Folder 9 Flug, Michael, 2006
Box 17 Folder 10 Fujiura, Glen, Williams, Larry and Wahid, Zakiyah, 1997
Box 17 Folder 11 Gabbin, Joanne V., 2003
Box 17 Folder 12 Gallen, David, 1994
Box 17 Folder 13 Garfield Park/Bobby E. Wright Comprehensive Community Mental Health Center-Reunion Committee, 2013
Box 17 Folder 14 Georgia Board of Pardon and Parole, 2011
Box 17 Folder 15 Gibson, H.B., Jr, Jordan, Vallmar and Rice, Gwendolyn M., (2 copies) 1987
Box 17 Folder 16 Gibson, Harry B., Jr and Rice, Gwendolyn, 1987
Box 17 Folder 17 Gibson, Maisha, 1999
Box 17 Folder 18 Gilyard, Gwen Akua, undated
Box 17 Folder 19 Gillespie, Tim, 1991
Box 17 Folder 20 Goldsmidt, Neil, 1989
Box 17 Folder 21 Green, Jacqualyn ‘Jackie’ F., Dr., 2013
Box 17 Folder 22 Greene Michael, 1985
Box 17 Folder 23 Greer, Betty J., 2002
Box 17 Folder 24 Hagedorn, John M., 1987
Box 17 Folder 25 Hall, Yolanda, 1986
Box 17 Folder 26 Haley, Lori, 2008
Box 17 Folder 27 Hampton, Ronald E., 2000
Box 17 Folder 28 Harris, Charlene A., 2004
Box 17 Folder 29 Harrison, Valerie I., 2005
Box 17 Folder 30 Hartfield, Shirley, 2006
Box 17 Folder 31 Haworth, Elizabeth, 2004
Box 17 Folder 32 Healy, Meghan, 2005
Box 17 Folder 33 Health Start Manhood Initiative, 1999
Box 17 Folder 34 Heerman, George, 1998
Box 17 Folder 35 Henderson, Janelle, 1992
Box 17 Folder 36 Henderson, Louis H., 2008
Box 17 Folder 37 Hopson, Rodney, 1990
Box 17 Folder 38 Horne, Jessica B. and Wilcox, Germane, 1990
Box 17 Folder 39 Hotep, Shem, 2000
Box 17 Folder 40 Hudson, Tamara, 1990
Box 17 Folder 41 Huff, Allen, 1987
Box 17 Folder 42 Hyman, Anne Kopp, 1987
Box 17 Folder 43 Ingram, Jessica, 1987
Box 17 Folder 44 Jackson, John E., Sr., 2014
Box 17 Folder 45 Jarrell, Wadsworth, 2013
Box 17 Folder 46 Jeff, Morris, F.X., Jr., 1987
Box 17 Folder 47 Jennings, Regina, 2005
Box 17 Folder 48 Jenkins, Ernest R., 1987
Box 17 Folder 49 Johnson, Cy, 2000
Box 17 Folder 50 Johnson, E. Patrick, 1990
Box 17 Folder 51 Johnson, Gordon, 1985
Box 17 Folder 52 Johnson, Laura M., 1991
Box 17 Folder 53 Jones, Adriel, 1994
Box 17 Folder 54 Jones, Walter A., 2010
Box 17 Folder 55 Jones, Yvonne A., 2012
Box 17 Folder 56 Joy, 2002
Box 17 Folder 57 Karanja, Sokoni, 1992
Box 17 Folder 58 Keith, undated
Box 17 Folder 59 Kellman, Jack, 2011
Box 17 Folder 60 Kerr, Louise A., 1991
Box 17 Folder 61 Killens, John Oliver, 1974
Box 17 Folder 62 Kimbrough, Ted D., 1990
Box 17 Folder 63 Kinch, Richard, 1987
Box 17 Folder 64 Kitwana, Bakari, 1991
Box 17 Folder 65 Koblas, Mary, 2001
Box 17 Folder 66 Kushindana, Kwaku O., 1991
Box 17 Folder 67 Lady, Grand, 2009
Box 17 Folder 68 Lang, Jane, 2001
Box 17 Folder 69 Lansana, Quraysh Ali and Madhubuti, Haki 2004
Box 17 Folder 70 Lawrence, G. Sequane, 2001
Box 17 Folder 71 Lawrence, Mark E. 1999-2000
Box 17 Folder 72 Leatherwood, Beverly R., 1986
Box 17 Folder 73 Lee, Jamal, 1993
Box 17 Folder 74 Lindsey, Handy L., 1986
Box 17 Folder 75 Lindsey, Sarah, 2003-2004
Box 17 Folder 76 Lowe, Romi, 2000
Box 17 Folder 77 Lucas, Leonard, 2004
Box 18 Folder 1 Madhubuti, Haki, Johnson, B.J., Bolden, B.J., and Lansana, Q.A., 2000-2005
Box 18 Folder 2 Magee, Phillip, 1987
Box 18 Folder 3 Mariah and Sasha, 2007
Box 18 Folder 4 Mallette, Mercedes, undated
Box 18 Folder 5 Marylene, 2003
Box 18 Folder 6 Majors, Richard, 1990
Box 18 Folder 7 Martin, LeRoy, 1990
Box 18 Folder 8 Mason, Frederick A., 2000
Box 18 Folder 9 McCray, Walter A., 1997
Box 18 Folder 10 McKeever, Mr. & Mrs. Lester, 2003
Box 18 Folder 11 McKeever, Nancy C., 2012-2013
Box 18 Folder 12 McLaughlin, Gerald M., 1984
Box 18 Folder 13 McMillan, Joseph H., 1986
Box 18 Folder 14 Meta Commerse, 2005
Box 18 Folder 15 Miller, George, 1987
Box 18 Folder 16 Mills, Brenda L., 1986
Box 18 Folder 17 Mitchell, Keia, 2003
Box 18 Folder 18 Mock, Lynne, 1999
Box 18 Folder 19 Montgomery, Constance, 1996
Box 18 Folder 20 Mooney, Elise, 2004
Box 18 Folder 21 Moore, Evelyn K., 1999
Box 18 Folder 22 Moore, Joan, 1987
Box 18 Folder 23 Moore, Sandra M., 1983
Box 18 Folder 24 Morgan, Brandon, 1993
Box 18 Folder 25 Moore, Sherwen, 2003
Box 18 Folder 26 Morris, Eileen J., 2002
Box 18 Folder 27 Morris, Glenn, 2000
Box 18 Folder 28 Mutope, Sam McElrath, 1999-2000
Box 18 Folder 29 Natashia, 2001
Box 18 Folder 30 Nellum-Lee, Margie, 1998
Box 18 Folder 31 Nelson, Michael A., 2011-2012
Box 18 Folder 32 Newhouse, Richard H., 1987
Box 18 Folder 33 Njugana, Beverly, 1995
Box 18 Folder 34 Noble, Wade, 1995
Box 18 Folder 35 Oliver, Patrick to Flowers, Vivian (fax) 2003
Box 18 Folder 36 Overmyer, Elizabeth, 1991
Box 18 Folder 37 Owens, Lee. 2002
Box 18 Folder 38 Perkins, Marian E., 2000
Box 18 Folder 39 Pheifer, Charlotte D., 2004
Box 18 Folder 40 Pinkston, Vicki D., 1999
Box 18 Folder 41 Pitts, Cynthia B., 1984
Box 18 Folder 42 Plante, Trevor, 1999
Box 18 Folder 43 Poole, Christine W., 1991
Box 18 Folder 44 Porter, Dorothy, 2000
Box 18 Folder 45 Povolny, Mojmir, 1986
Box 18 Folder 46 Price, Ramon, 1979
Box 18 Folder 47 Pyne, Charlynn Spencer, 1984-1985
Box 18 Folder 48 Rabb, Madeline Murphy, 1987
Box 18 Folder 49 Rashid, M. Abdur, 1996
Box 18 Folder 50 Raymen, 1993
Box 18 Folder 51 Reese, Leslie, 2012
Box 18 Folder 52 Richards, Hilda, 2001
Box 18 Folder 53 Richman, Harold, 1980
Box 18 Folder 54 Richardson, Julieanna L., 2003
Box 18 Folder 55 Riley, Rebecca, 1978
Box 18 Folder 56 Roberts, Naurice. 1991
Box 18 Folder 57 Robinson, Williams A., 1990
Box 18 Folder 58 Robinson, S. Yolanda, 1991
Box 18 Folder 59 Rodney, Laxley W., 2001-2005
Box 18 Folder 60 Russ, Cherie N., 2004
Box 18 Folder 61 Ryan, George H., 2000
Box 19 Folder 1 Sanchez-Speer, Marta, undated
Box 19 Folder 2 Saunders, Sandra K., 2000
Box 19 Folder 3 Shannon, Sandra G., 2000
Box 19 Folder 4 Shields, Nicole L., 2003
Box 19 Folder 5 Short, Gerald, 2004
Box 19 Folder 6 Sizemore, Barbara A., 2002
Box 19 Folder 7 Slaughter, Justin Q., 2012
Box 19 Folder 8 Smith, Christine, 1999
Box 19 Folder 9 Smith, Jocklyn, 1991
Box 19 Folder 10 Smith, Matthew, 2001
Box 19 Folder 11 Smith, Shaun, 1993
Box 19 Folder 12 Sobel, Edward, 2004
Box 19 Folder 13 Sobukwe, Wovoka, 1999
Box 19 Folder 14 Solomon, Terry A., 1994-1999
Box 19 Folder 15 Sponagle, Carol, 1998
Box 19 Folder 16 Stanton, Helen L., 1990
Box 19 Folder 17 Stevenson, Jim, 1987
Box 19 Folder 18 Stevens, Sara L., 2003
Box 19 Folder 19 Schwartz, Derek, undated
Box 19 Folder 20 Tate, Edna J., 2007
Box 19 Folder 21 Taylor, Charles, 1991
Box 19 Folder 22 Taylor, Jackie, 2009-2012
Box 19 Folder 23 Taylor, James E., 1987
Box 19 Folder 24 Terry. Gregory, [2]000
Box 19 Folder 25 Thames, Lillie, 1999
Box 19 Folder 26 The Greenwood Cultural Arts Center, Inc., undated
Box 19 Folder 27 The Illinois National Guard and Militia Historical Society, Inc., 1998
Box 19 Folder 28 Thomas, Velma, 1995
Box 19 Folder 29 Thompson, James R., 1980-1990
Box 19 Folder 30 Thompson, Terry, 1990
Box 19 Folder 31 Thymes, Jessie, 2001
Box 19 Folder 32 Tienson, Thane, 1989
Box 19 Folder 33 Timpton, Elizabeth A., 2001
Box 19 Folder 34 Turner, Elizabeth, 1991
Box 19 Folder 35 Turner, Larry, 2001
Box 19 Folder 36 Walker, Aaron E., 1987
Box 19 Folder 37 Walker, Cheryl A, 2011
Box 19 Folder 38 Walker, Jenie, Undated
Box 19 Folder 39 Walker, Judith, 1985-1986
Box 19 Folder 40 Walker, Tanesha, undated
Box 19 Folder 41 Ward, Naomi T., 1999
Box 19 Folder 42 Ward, Sally A., 1981
Box 19 Folder 43 Warren, Robert Jr., 1991
Box 19 Folder 44 Wartkowski, Angela. 2011
Box 19 Folder 45 Washington, Harold, 1984-1987
Box 19 Folder 46 Westbrooks, Latrice, 1999
Box 19 Folder 47 Whitman, Lawrence, 1986
Box 19 Folder 48 Williams, Carl III, 1997
Box 19 Folder 49 Williams, Cynthia, 1986
Box 19 Folder 50 Williams, Jacqueline, 1993
Box 19 Folder 51 Williams, Johnsie M., undated
Box 19 Folder 52 Wills, Adrian G., 2001-2003
Box 19 Folder 53 Wilson, Annetta, 1999-2003
Box 19 Folder 54 Winfrey, Charles H., 1991
Box 19 Folder 55 Wood, Frank H., 1974
Box 19 Folder 56 Wood, Joan Miller, 1991
Box 19 Folder 57 Wood, Warren J., 1996
Box 19 Folder 58 Woodard, Stan and Yolanda, 2001
Box 19 Folder 59 Woodbury, Lillie, 1999
Box 19 Folder 60 Woods, Millie McDade, 2000
Box 19 Folder 61 Woods, Wilbourne F, 1991
Box 19 Folder 62 Wormack-Keels, Renee P., 1994
Box 19 Folder 63 Wright, Cody, 1998
Box 19 Folder 64 Zutter, Max De, 2001

Series 5: Organizational Documents

Box 20 Folder 1 “Midwest African American Theater Alliance (MAATA)-Cultivating a Concept: Building an Institution” part I of a non-sequential notebook, 1976
Box 20 Folder 2 “Midwest African American Theater Alliance (MAATA)-Cultivating a Concept: Building an Institution” part II of a non-sequential notebook, 1976
Box 20 Folder 3 “The Urban League of Portland: The Report of the President & Chief Executive Officer” Apr-Dec, 1988
Box 20 Folder 4 “Urban League of Portland: Board of Directors” (minutes) January-April, Apr-Dec, 1988
Box 20 Folder 5 “The Urban League of Portland: The Report of the President & Chief Executive Officer” Jan-May, 1989
Box 20 Folder 6 “Urban League of Portland: Board of Directors” (minutes) January-April, Jan-May, 1989
Box 20 Folder 7 “Enhancing Lives to Reduce Substance Abuse Among African American Youth-An Internal Evaluation of Comprand Youth & Women Services: Model Comprehensive Treatment Program for Critical Populations-A Three-Year Program Initiative” 1994
Box 20 Folder 8 “Report in the 1st Annual Conference on Black Theater for Youth” 2003
Box 20 Folder 9 “Inaugural Conference of the Black Arts Initiative (BAI) at Northwestern University-‘Black Arts Chicago: Moves & Movements ’” 2013
Box 20 Folder 10 ‘Cinque” contracts, programs, announcement and letters, 1995-2002

Series 6: Programs and Flyers

Box 21 Folder 1 Programs, 1981-2014
Box 21 Folder 2 Flyers, 1987-2014
Box 21 Folder 3 “Project Y.E.S. Informed Families of Dade-Building Bridges to Our Future Through Culture, Day-Long Workshop” circa 1989
,Box 21 Folder 4 Playwrights Speak: ‘Loyalty To Convictions (Paul Robeson)’” staged by Terry Cullers, produced by Abena Joan Brown-program, 1998
Box 21 Folder 5 Book Releases and Reviews, 2001-2008
Box 21 Folder 6 “The Anthony Bean Community Theater & Acting School-Presents Grammy Award Winner Chris Thomas King in ‘Goodnight, Irene (The Legacy of Leadbelly: A Drama With Music)’” directed by Anthony Bean, musical direction by Chris Thomas King, program, circa 2002
Box 21 Folder 7 “Engaging Your Mind” presentation, reception and book signing, circa 2003
Box 21 Folder 8 “Positive Socialization of Black Males” Rockford Public Library Auditorium, circa 2006
Box 21 Folder 9 “An Original 3 Act Play…Professor J.B.-‘A Drama of a Black Family Torn Between Political Values and the Afrikan Liberation Struggle’” directed by Chuck Smith and Clarence Taylor, based on a perpetual calendar circa 2001 or 2007
Box 21 Folder 10 “African American Poetry with Useni Eugene Perkins” in celebration of Black History month, Chicago Public Library-Celebrating Diversity, Greater Grand Crossing Branch, 2011
Box 21 Folder 11 “The Epic and Invincible Spirit of John Henry” 2014
Box 21 Folder 12 Book Releases and Reviews, undated
Box 21 Folder 13 Flyers (no year) undated
Box 21 Folder 14 The Black Fairy” poster, undated
Box 21 Folder 15 “Give Us a Chance” 1 program and 2 flyers, 2004

Series 7: Clippings

Box 21 Folder 16 Clippings, 1973-2008
Box 21 Folder 17 Clippings, undated

Series 8: Photographs

Box 22 001 Useni Perkins with Barbara Sizemore, 1998
Box 22 002 Useni Perkins with August Wilson, Third World Press Event at the Culture Center, 1980s
Box 22 003 Useni Perkins and Ellis Cose at [Chicago] Hilton Hotel, circa 2010
Box 22 004 Useni Perkins with Michael Flug, Vivian G. Harsh of the Woodson Regional Library
Box 22 005 Useni Perkins with Lerone Bennett Jr., Induction of U. Perkins in the Chicago Hall of Fame, Chicago State University, circa 2003
Box 22 006 Useni Perkins with Oscar Brown Jr, Chicago State University, 1989
Box 22 007 Useni Perkins with Cliff Kelly after the play “Give Us a Chance” at Chicago State University, 1998
Box 22 008 Useni Perkins with Chair of English Department at Howard University, circa 2005
Box 22 009 Useni Perkins and Howard Johnson at Harold’s Wedding at “eta”, 1998
Box 22 010 Useni Perkins and Bennett Johnson, 1998
Box 22 011 Useni Perkins and Paul Coates (of Black Classic Press), at Old Town Art Fair, 1998
Box 22 012 Useni Perkins and Roy Lewis, 1998
Box 22 013 Useni Perkins with Mari Evans and Sonia Sanchez, 1970
Box 22 014 Useni Perkins and Michael Hemphill with his wife, Gloria Owens Hemphill, eta gala
Box 22 015 Useni Perkins and Sam Greenlee in the Woodson Regional Library lobby, 1998
Box 22 016 Useni Perkins and Ntosake Shange at a Black Writer’s Conference, Chicago, 1999
Box 22 017 Useni Perkins and Ruby Dee, 1980
Box 22 018 Useni Perkins and Maggie Brown
Box 22 019 Useni Perkins and Robert Townsend at a Gala, Better Boys Foundation, Chicago, 1990s
Box 22 020 Useni Perkins and Woody Cain at an eta gala, 1990s
Box 22 021 Useni Perkins and Sonia Sanchez, 1980s
Box 22 022 Useni Perkins and Warner Saunders, Warner’s birthday as MS Industry, 1990s
Box 22 023 Useni Perkins and Margaret Burroughs at the South Shore Cultural Center, 1998
Box 22 024 Useni Perkins and Wade Nobles, San Francisco State University, 1980
Box 22 025 Image/copy of Cinque, used to promote Useni Perkins ’s play
Box 22 026 Cast members from Useni Perkins ’s play “Cinque” South Shore Cultural Center (program, flyer and artist’s drawing of the Amistad are in box 21, folders 1 and 2), 1993
Box 22 027 Cast member from “Cinque” South Shore Cultural Center (program, flyer and artist’s drawing of the Amistad are in box 21, folders 1 and 2) 1993
Box 22 028 Cast members from “Cinque” South Shore Cultural Center (program, flyer and artist’s drawing of the Amistad are in box 21, folders 1 and 2) 1993
Box 22 029 Cast and supporters of “Cinque” South Shore Cultural Center (program, flyer and artist’s drawing of the Amistad are in box 21, folders 1 and 2) 1993
Box 22 030 “Cinque” cast member(s) South Shore Cultural Center (program, flyer and artist’s drawing of the Amistad are in box 21, folders 1 and 2) 1993
Box 22 031 Useni Perkins with cast members of “Cinque” South Shore Cultural Center (program, flyer and artist’s drawing of the Amistad are in box 21, folders 1 and 2) 1993
Box 22 032 Useni Perkins and cast member from “Cinque” South Shore Cultural Center (program, flyer and artist’s drawing of the Amistad are in box 21, folders 1 and 2) 1993
Box 22 033 Cast member from “Cinque” South Shore Cultural Center (program, flyer and artist’s drawing of the Amistad are in box 21, folders 1 and 2) 1993
Box 22 034 Cast members of “Cinque” South Shore Cultural Center (program, flyer and artist’s drawing of the Amistad are in box 21, folders 1 and 2) 1993
Box 22 035 White male (possible cast member) on the stage set in front of ship prop, Amistad (program, flyer and artist’s drawing of the Amistad are in box 21, folders 1 and 2)1993
Box 22 036 Cast members after performance of “Cinque” (program, flyer and artist’s drawing of the Amistad are in box 21, folders 1 and 2) 1993
Box 22 037 Young performer from the cast of “Cinque(program, flyer and artist’s drawing of the Amistad are in box 21, folders 1 and 2)” 1993
Box 22 038 “Papa’s Child” cast in rear, Etta Moten Barnette and Runako Jahi, 2001, photo by Ken Simmons (as labeled on back)
Box 22 039 Useni Perkins in his home office, late 1960s-1970s
Box 22 040 Useni Perkins, standing left in a group photo that includes Haki Madhubuti and James Montgomery, 1993, photo by Beverly Swanagen (label on back)
Box 22 041 Useni Perkins with Erwin Franz, Dunn (Cook County Board) Margaret Burroughs, Marion Perkins art show at DuSable Museum, 1990
Box 22 042 Useni Perkins with Larry Crowe, Ron Miller, Jackie and Haki Madhubuti, History Makers did interviews
Box 22 043 Useni Perkins with head of the NFLPA (white male) and James Compton (Urban League) at a Better Boys Foundation fund raiser
Box 22 044 Useni Perkins and Julian Bond and his wife Janice Bond, photo by Vandell Cobb (stamped on back) undated
Box 22 045 Useni Perkins in his home office, 1980s
Box 22 046 Useni Perkins with his children, Julia and Russell, Chicago, circa 1975
Box 22 047 Useni Perkins with Toussaint &Thelma
Box 22 048 Useni Perkins as President of the Urban League in Portland, Oregon, 1998
Box 22 049 Useni Perkins and Bill Cosby, Better Boys Foundation fundraiser (NFLAP gave ½ million) circa 1983
Box 22 050 Useni Perkins with Irv ‘Kup’ Kupcinet, , Better Boys Foundation fundraiser, photo by Photo Ideas, Inc
Box 22 051 Illinois House Speaker Michael J. Madigan testified in support of a resolution to rename the Illinois State Library in honor of the late Pulitzer Prize winning poet Gwendolyn Brooks. The resolution passed both committee and the full House. Joining Madigan were: (front l-r) Dr. Leon Finney, Woodlawn Organization Executive Director: Madigan; Shirley Madigan, Illinois Arts Council Chairman; House Majority Leader Barbara Flynn Currie; Dr. Haki Madhubuti, Chicago State University Distinguished Service Professor, and (rear l-r) Steven Dailey II, Chicago Urban League Director of Advocacy; Dr. Carol Adams, Illinois Department of Human Services Director; Useni Perkins Eugene Perkins, Chicago State University Director of Life; and (not pictured) Senate President Emil Jones—February 27, 2003 (as so labeled on back)
Box 22 052 Useni Perkins and Toussaint, exhibit of Marrion Perkins sculpture at Oakton Community College, 2005
Box 22 053 Useni Perkins and Richard Newhouse, at Newhouse’s home office, late 1970s
Box 22 054 Useni Perkins and Warner Saunders (TV personality), as interim president of DuSable, 1990-1991
Box 22 055 Useni Perkins and Amiri Baraka, at Printer’s Row, 1970s
Box 22 056 Useni Perkins with Hannibal Afrik and Primus Mootry, Better Boys Foundation, 1974
Box 22 057 Useni Perkins with Abena Joan Brown, Lerone Bennett Jr., Rev Mack and Aisha Bennett among others, catalyst group (social service providers)
Box 22 058 Useni Perkins with Carol Adams, Harold Price, Obama and Conrad Worrill, at a Malcolm X Festival, Chicago, 1998
Box 22 059 Useni Perkins and Margaret Walker, Southside Cultural Center as Chicago Hall of Fame Committee, he nominated Walker, Chicago, late 1960s to 1970s
Box 22 060 Useni Perkins with children at Legler Branch Library, on behalf of the Better Boys Foundation, Chicago, 1960s
Box 22 061 Useni Perkins at home in Lake Meadows, mid 1960s
Box 22 062 Useni Perkins and son, Russell, in front of Charles White painting of Russell Perkins, 1971
Box 22 063 Useni Perkins with Professor Golden at DuSable Museum, 1990-1991
Box 22 064 Useni Perkins with son Russell
Box 22 065 Useni Perkins and cast who performed “Black Fairy” in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1970s
Box 22 066 Useni Perkins at a Kwanzaa event at Better Boys Foundation, 1970, photo by Calvin E. Johnson

Series 9: Audio-Visual Materials

Box 23 VHS 1 “Our Voices”, Hosted by Bev Smith, with Useni Perkins, Haki Madhubuti, Nkechi Taifa and Ronald Steele, 1990
Box 23 VHS 2 “Chicago Perspective” Interviewed, 1988
Box 23 VHS 3 Interviewed on KOIN-TV, KGW-TV news segment and an extended discussion on Newsmakers Portland, Oregon, 1988
Box 23 VHS 4 “AM Northwest-Portland’s Response to Youth Gangs”, Interviewed Guest, 1988
Box 23 VHS 5 “Remembering the Past, Looking Toward The Future The Status of African Americans” Part I Lecture, The African American Cultural Center, 1992
Box 23 VHS 6 “Remembering the Past, Looking Toward The Future The Status of African Americans” Part II Lecture, The African American Cultural Center, 1992
Box 23 VHS 7 “The African American Child: The Future” 1995
Box 23 VHS 8 “Turning of the Centuries IV: Dr. Douglas Thompson, Useni Perkins” 2003
Box 23 VHS 9 “The History Makers” rolls 1-4, Interview, 2003
Box 23 VHS 10 “The History Makers” rolls 5-6, Interview, 2003
Box 23 VHS 11 Useni Perkins, informal presentation in Minneapolis, MN, 2003
Box 23 VHS 12 “Black Man’s Think Tank”, Inter-active Presentation, 2004
Box 23 VHS 13 “NE Spectrum: Author, Poet, Playwright, Useni Perkins Eugene Perkins” Lennie Edwards interviewing, 1988
Box 23 VHS 14 “Naming Ceremony” Lecture Presentation about its African Cultural Ritual Heritage, 1991
Box 23 VHS 15 “Useni Eugene Perkins: A Better Place” Episode #40 Raw Footage, Interviewed with a poster of If We Must Die in the background, Performed at OSU-Tulsa Auditorium, Friday, April 27 (no Year), Tape 1, undated
Box 23 VHS 16 “Useni Perkins Eugene Perkins: A Better Place” Episode #40 raw footage, poetry reading From Memories & Images: SelectedPoems in a Borders bookstore, Haki Madhubuti in attendance, tape 2, circa 2002
Box 24 VHS 17 “Our Town Hall: Black Child” Interview with Sharon Dykes, (partial audio), 1995
Box 24 VHS 18 “A Documentary Trailer- Chicago Gangs: an American Story”, Useni Perkins, Bobby Bore, Benny Lee, ‘Just Black’, interviewed commentary with current and former gang members comments (no audio) undated
Box 24 VHS 19 “Our Town Hall: Black Child” Interviewed by Sharon Dykes, (no audio) untitled
Box 24 VHS 21 “Perkins Talk” untitled
Box 24 VHS 22 “Haki’s 50th Birthday Celebration” interview of Haki Madhubuti, partial audio, 1992
Box 24 VHS 23 “1. Hang Tough, 2. Young John Henry” staged performances, undated
Box 24 Audio Tape 1 “The Kermit Coleman Show: Part I”, 1975
Box 24 Audio Tape 2 “The Kermit Coleman Show: Part II”, 1975
Box 24 Audio Tape 3 “BTA: Interview Show Kermit Coleman” undated
Box 24 Audio Tape 4 “Black Theater Alliance Interview: Kermit Coleman Radio Show” undated

Series 10: Memorabilia: Certificates and Awards

Box 25 Folder 1 Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society, Volume LXV/Number 3, a copy of the article on pages 293-312 used for “Give Us a Chance” can be found in Box 13, Folder 11, 1972
Box 25 Folder 2 “State of Illinois” signed by Governor James R. Thompson for being a member of the governor’s special task force on services to troubled adolescents, 1981
Box 25 Folder 3 “Chicago Public Schools” for Cooperative Vocational Education by the Better Boys Foundation, 1982
Box 25 Folder 4 “Not One Life to Close: Today’s Youth Tomorrow’s Future” for attending the 11th Annual DASA Conference on Prevention, 1995
Box 25 Folder 5 “eta: Creative Art Foundation Inc” in appreciation for outstanding volunteer service in developing Chicago’s leading training and performance cultural arts institution, signed by Abena Joan Brown, 1998
Box 25 Folder 6 “HBCU Faculty Development Network” certificate of appreciation for attending the Fifth National HBCU Faculty Development Symposium ‘Networking to Enhance Diversity in a Technical World’ Miami, Florida, 1998
Box 25 Folder 7 “Office of the Mayor, City of Chicago-Proclamation-Useni Perkins Eugene Perkins Day in Chicago, February 25, 1999” signed by Richard M. Daley (copy), 1999
Box 25 Folder 8 “The South Suburban Council on Alcoholism and Substance Abuse-East Hazel Crest, Illinois” for speaking to the youth intensive outpatient counseling program, 2003
Box 25 Folder 9 “Prairie State College” in appreciation for participation in the ‘Violence Against Women’ conference, 2003
Box 25 Folder 10 “eta: Creative Art Foundation Inc” in appreciation for outstanding volunteer service in developing Chicago’s leading training and performance cultural arts institution, signed by Abena Joan Brown, 2004
Box 25 Folder 11 “The National Association of Former Foster Care Children of America, Inc” blank certificate with a place U. Perkins’ signature as Training Facilitator, 2005
Box 25 Folder 12 “African American Read-In-Chain” for participation, 2006
Box 25 Folder 13 “Illinois Youth Center-St Charles” volunteering, lighting the way for today’s youth, 2012
Box 25 Folder 14 “National Sorority of Phi Delta Kappa, Inc-Mu Chapter” Chicago, Illinois, for participation in the Xinos & Kudos workshops as Teach-A-Rama Educational Conference at Illinois Institute of Technology, undated
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