Characters: One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich

Alyoshka: one of Ivan’s bunk mates, he is known as “the Baptist.”

Buynovsky: a well-educated prisoner, known as “the captain” due to his former military rank

Der: the construction site foreman

Eino: one of the two Estonians

Fetyukov: a scavenger and scrounger

Gopchik: a 16-year-old imprisoned for providing milk to rebels hiding in the forest

Stepan Grigorich: the know-it-all doctor

Kildigs: a Latvian bricklayer

Senka Klevshin: a former inmate of Buchenwald

Kuzyomin: Ivan’s former gang boss who taught him the rules of the prison

Limpy: the mess hall attendant with an injured leg

Tsezar Markovich: a cinematographer

Moldavian: a prisoner missing at evening roll call

Panteleyer: a prisoner missing from morning roll call

Pavlo: the respected deputy gang foreman

Ivan Denisovich Shukhov: he escaped from a German prison camp only to be considered a spy by the Russian government.

Tartar: a thin, hairless guard

Andrei Prokofyevich Tyurin: the gang boss

Kolya Vdovushkin (Nikolai Semyonich): a medical assistant who writes poetry

Volkovoy: a cruel and much feared disciplinary officer

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