Get a 3D Printing Quickstart with Tinkercad

Get started with 3D printing in less than 30 minutes using one of our favorite design apps, Tinkercad.

Why do we like it? 

  • it is free to sign up
  • it stores your files in the cloud
  • it has starter shapes, generators, and more to use in your designs

Use Tinkercad to design double duty objects, like a key chain that's also a phone stand or a no-touch tool. Tinkercad makes it easy to explore jewelry design and architectural concepts. You can even import an Inkscape SVG file to apply as sketch to extrude or as a pattern on your 3D designs. 

If you need a refresher or you’re ready to get started, check out the first video in our Tinkercad Quickstart playlist. These short videos highlight all the basic tools you need to start experimenting.

Now that you've gotten started, keep up the momentum!

We can't wait to help you with your next project.