Build Your Digital Skills With Library Resources

Whether your goal is to brush up on your digital skills or you are just starting out, building confidence in our digital world can be daunting.

Did you know Chicago Public Library has high-quality online resources to help you build your digital skills? Whether you are just getting started on computers, learning how to use a new mobile device, or trying to use a new website or web tool, Chicago Public Library has a wide range of online resources and tools available 24/7 when you need them.

Practice is essential for building digital skills no matter what your individual goals may be and here are some easy ways to get started with CPL resources. Also included are some additional trusted resources to help you reach your learning goals.

Chicago DigitalLearn

Looking for a great, easy to use way to learn different foundational digital skills? Chicago DigitalLearn is an online learning tool with easy to use, self-paced interactive courses. Build your digital skills with lessons on getting started with computers, learning how to use mobile devices, being safe online, connecting with others and even telehealth. You can also learn about other online tasks like online shopping and using Chicago 311 services.

Chicago DigitalLearn does not require a library card and creating an account is optional (though recommended) and is available in both English and Spanish. It does not have an app, but works very well on smaller devices like phones and tablets.


Do you prefer learning using an app or want practice with your mobile device? Cell-Ed is an app with self-guided mini-lessons on essential life and work skills including practice with everyday life digital skills. Cell-Ed covers a wide range of digital skills topics including how to use a mouse, online banking, social media and even troubleshooting tech. Once you get started on Cell-Ed, you are also paired with a learning coach that will personally help with your goals.

Creating an account is easy and no library card is needed, but you will need the PIN code for CPL, which is 3491. Cell-Ed can be downloaded from Google Play or the Apple App Store and is available in English and Spanish.

Though Cell-Ed is designed specifically as an app, it can also be used online. For some of the computer-focused topics, like learning how to use a mouse or typing, using Cell-Ed on a computer is recommended.

LinkedIn Learning

Do you want to go beyond foundational skills or are you looking to learn something more specific? LinkedIn Learning has thousands of videos and courses lead by industry professionals on business, creative and technology topics including professional certifications and continuing education program tracks. From learning Microsoft Office to more advanced topics like coding, LinkedIn Learning has something for everyone.

Access LinkedIn Learning for free with your library card number and pin. LinkedIn Learning has an app on Google Play and the Apple App Store and offers content in numerous languages including English, Spanish and Chinese.

Connecting with Chicago Public Library

Make sure to visit our Adult Learning page regularly for more blog posts, tips and online resources. Not sure where to start with our resources? Library staff at CPL locations are here to help and can even help you build your digital skills.

Some branches also offer one-on-one assistance with CyberNavigator Technology Tutors. To learn more about Cybernavigators and available locations, visit our CyberNavigator Technology Tutors information page or ask a library staff person.

Going Beyond Library Resources

There are lots of resources online beyond our library resources that can help you build digital skills. Here are a few resources to explore.

GCFGlobal, a program of the Goodwill Community Foundation Inc. (GCF), is a free online learning website focusing on technology, job training, reading and math skills. There are some great digital skills building tutorials on their Computers Topics page including typing and even how to use a mouse. There are lots of other lessons on topics on digital skills, using the internet, online safety and more. To see all of the topics, go to the All Topics page.

Google Applied Digital Skills offers free video lessons focusing on practical digital skills ranging from everyday life to digital skills specifically for job seekers. You do not need a Google account to browse all the different lessons though it may be helpful if you want to follow along and practice.

There are many other resources out there on the web, so if you have any questions about a resource CPL staff can help you determine if it's a trusted, high-quality resource.