Stories for the Whole Family: National Adoption Day Reads

Not all families start with a baby in Mom's belly. Join us in celebrating chosen families on November 20, National Adoption Day, with these stories for the whole family!

Pete and Ellie Wagner are in over their heads when they agree to foster Lizzie, Juan and Lita. Navigating life with an Instant Family is no small feat, especially when teenage Lizzie likes her family just the way it is.

Carol Olivia Clementine wishes she could live with her mother and father. But she has Mama Rose who does her hair, teaches her to dribble a basketball and makes her eat her veggies. All those things are what a parent would do. And soon, Carol Olivia Clementine learns that she loves Mama Rose Just Like A Mama.

Fighting Words: Della's sister Suki has always taken care of her, especially after their mom was sent to prison and they were sent to live with their foster mom, Francine. But now Suki needs someone to take care of her too, and Della thinks she might be the only person left who can do it. After all, she's got a big mouth and that's a good thing. 

Some parents plan for the day they will bring their baby home from the hospital, but for one little girl, the journey to a family started much sooner. From her first steps to her first day of school, this little girl knows A Crazy-much Love.

Muiriel is 17, which means she's almost free of the foster care system. She's made it this far without any emotional attachments that might hold her back, learning to leave all her baggage behind. But what happens when she finally finds a place that feels like home, surrounded by people she can't not care about? Find out in What I Carry.