Riveting Historical Fiction for Teens

I am a sucker for compelling historical fiction and some top-notch young adult authors have recently published fantastic new novels set in the past.

Ruta Sepetys writes amazing stories that shed light on real-life (and often very sad) historical events. Her latest book, The Fountains Of Silence, takes place in Madrid in 1957 during Franco's oppressive regime. Ana, who works at the Continental Hilton Hotel, falls for Daniel, an aspiring photojournalist from Texas, but his controversial photos could get him and Ana in deep trouble. 

Another novel featuring an opulent hotel is The Gilded Wolves, where Séverin and his friends live in L'Eden in Paris in 1889. They hunt for a magical artifact to take down the corrupt Order of Babel and win back Séverin’s inheritance of House Vanth. This book uniquely blends history, fantasy and fast-paced action.

If you're enjoying the trend of mixing history with fantasy, check out Lovely War, where the Greek goddesses Aphrodite meddles in the lives of four teens whose lives intersect during World War I. A pianist, an aspiring architect, an African American soldier and a nightclub singer find love and face tragedy in a gorgeously written romantic tale. 

Speaking of beautiful prose, Chicago author Laura Ruby's new novel Thirteen Doorways, Wolves Behind Them All combines fascinating details about our city with a riveting feminist ghost story set during World War II. I'm pretty sure this one will end up on all the year's Best Of lists. 

Which historical fiction novel will sweep you away this fall?