Quiz: How Well Do You Know the Books of the 2010s?

Romantic comedies, side-splitting works of humor, literary sensations, buzzy movie and TV adaptations, thrilling works of true crime: The past decade brought us a diverse range of books that shaped our reading and revved up our book clubs. We decided to take a look back at the big books that defined the decade in pop culture. How much do you remember from the past decade's book trends? Put your knowledge to the test with our bookish quiz!

Which book was adapted into the highest-grossing romantic comedy of the decade at the global box office?
Which book won the 2016 National Book Award for Fiction and 2017 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction?
Which book was the bestselling memoir of the decade?
The decade saw a trend of bestsellers from highly successful entertainers. Who has NOT published a book of humorous essays?
Which book by Elena Ferrante is NOT part of the Neapolitan Novels series?
Which of popular nonfiction writer Erik Larson’s books was first published in the 2010s?
Which book has not been adapted into a TV series in the past decade?
Which actor was featured in screen adaptations of Liane Moriarty’s Big Little Lies and Celeste Ng’s Little Fires Everywhere?
Which true crime book’s publication was followed soon after by the high-profile arrest of a suspect in the case it was about?
Which novel does not have a predominant World War II-era setting?
All but one of these books was first self-published before becoming a bestseller. Which one was not self-published first?
Which of the following hits did NOT feature a dystopian or post-apocalyptic story element?
Which of these authors was unmasked as a secret pen name used by J.K. Rowling?
Many beloved books are adapted into movies with great success, while others sadly don’t pan out at the box office. Which of these book adaptations underperformed box office expectations?
Which of these bestselling works of nonfiction is written in the form of a letter?
These authors all won a Booker Prize in the past decade. But which of these authors has won the Booker Prize twice?
Who is the author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, the surprise hit about organizing that sold 10 million+ copies around the world?
Which popular nonfiction title was also the Chicago Public Library One Book, One Chicago selection in 2013-14?
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