Quiz: Famous Chicago Women

How much do you know about famous women in Chicago history? Test your knowledge with this quiz, brought to you by bloggers Allyson, Betsy, Chloe, Felicia, Johanna, Michelle, Sarah and Sarah D.

Who was Chicago’s first female mayor?
A Chicago Public Library location is named for which famous pilot?
This Chicagoan co-founded Hull House in 1889 and was the first American woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize.
Which author grew up in the Humboldt Park neighborhood?
What did Bertha Palmer NOT do?
Which woman is honored with a statue in one of Chicago’s parks?
Which Whitney M. Young High School graduate created the “Let’s Move!” public health campaign to reduce childhood obesity?
What did inventor Josephine Cochrane present at the World’s Columbian Exposition?
Which Chicagoan has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?
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