Quiz: Chicago Theater History

We’re in the final months of 2019’s Year of Chicago Theatre. Though the official year may come to a close, theater in Chicago will live on as it always has. To prove it, see how much you know about Chicago theater history.

The first professional theater performance in Chicago took place at which hotel?
The Jeff Award, Chicago’s award for excellence in theater, is named for which actor?
How many Chicago theaters have won a Regional Theatre Tony Award?
How many theaters call Chicagoland home?
What was Chicago’s first production to transfer to Broadway?
Which critic’s review of Lorraine Hansberry’s 1959 A Raisin in the Sun described the show as “a remarkable play, acted to the Blackstone hilt of its warm heart?”
Which comedy giant first opened in 1959 in a former laundry on North Wells Street?
Who developed theater games at Chicago's Hull House that are often considered the basis of improv acting?
What now 50-year-old company worked with two dozen Cabrini-Green residents to create Project!, a musical about their lives that premiered in 1985?
What popular Organic Theater Company production is a sci-fi trilogy that predated Star Wars by six years?
Which early Chicago theater was built by an actor who later served as Chicago's mayor?
Which 19th century actress’ two-week run at McVicker’s caused a local pastor to warn his parishioners not to attend the “sinful” theater?
Which musical originally set in Chicago is partly inspired by one of the co-author’s years attending Taft High School?
Which theater caught fire on December 30, 1903, killing more than 600 people?
Playwright Ike Holter’s seven-play saga is set in what fictional Chicago neighborhood?
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