Podcasts to Keep Up with Teen Book Trends

One upside to sheltering in place for me has been catching up on my favorite podcasts about teen books. Even if you're feeling too anxious to read much right now, you can keep up with what's trending in teen lit with these fab productions.

Hey YA, hosted by Book Riot's Kelly Jensen and Eric Smith, highlights recently published books for teens and features Extra Credit episodes where they interview teen fiction authors about older titles. You can also check out Smith's debut novel Don't Read the Comments.

Another published author who emcees a binge-worthy teen lit podcast is Sarah Enni. First Draft includes insightful interviews with popular teen fiction storytellers. If you need a funny distraction from reality, add Enni's first teen novel Tell Me Everything to your TBR list.

Yin Chang also shares meaningful interviews with authors about their writing processes on her wonderful podcast 88 Cups of Tea. If you're an aspiring writer, you'll definitely find inspiration in the supportive community that Chang has created. 

What's your favorite book-related podcast?