Love Yourself This New Year: 5 Articles on Self-Care

Why not head into the new year with the intention of giving yourself some extra love? We all need it from time to time. These five self-care practices may spark your interest and calm your mind, body and spirit as we progress into 2019.

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"'Forest Bathing' Is Great for Your Health. Here's How to Do It." by Dr. Qing Li
Time Magazine, May 1, 2018
Forest bathing is a practice that originated in Japan by the name of shinrin-yoku. To forest bathe means to walk mindfully through nature, taking in the environment using all five senses while reaping benefits for your body and mind.

"Where's the Proof That Mindfulness Really Works?" by Bret Stetka
Scientific American Mind, January/February 2018
Mindfulness is a major buzzword these days. Quite simply, it means being aware of the present moment. Don't believe the hype? Need facts? Decide for yourself if it's just a fad. 

"Music Therapy" by Dr. Elizabeth Stegmoller
Scientist Magazine, March 2017
Whether you're listening to it or making it, music is one of the best sources for a happy, healthy, meaningful life. This wonderful practice can be a source of mental healing and stability.

"The Yoga Path to Self-Compassion" by Tracy E. Hopkins
Prevention Magazine, November 2018
Self-awareness is one thing, but body awareness can be quite another. Yoga helps you find the latter. Begin, or continue, this centuries-old discipline and develop the self-compassion you deserve. 

"5 Ways to Reduce Everyday Stress"
The Public Record, March 27, 2018
Begin with some simple steps to get started on a self-care routine.