London Calling: Teen Books Set in England

Have you ever wondered how a bunch of teen books set in a particular place get published in the same year? Recently I noticed an influx of YA books about historical France. This year London seems like the destination of choice for young adult authors. Personally, I'm excited to travel anywhere right now, so why not take off to merry old England? Grab a cup of tea and let's read.

I'm not the only one anxious to get on a plane. Aspiring musician Marty flees his small Kentucky town for London in As Far as You'll Take Me. So what if he didn't get accepted to the summer program like told his parents? At least now he can audition for the London Philharmonic and find a boyfriend away from his conservative Christian community.

Like Marty, Ellie wants to find a Hot British Boyfriend. She joins a study abroad program outside of London to distance herself from an embarrassing viral video back home in Washington D.C. In this lighthearted romance, she soon finds herself torn between charming Brit Will and classmate Dev.  

If you prefer Austin Powers-era London, travel through time back to 1967 with The Secret Life Of Kitty Granger, who uses her intense powers of observation to track down Russian spies. Kitty, who would probably be diagnosed as autistic these days, earns a job with a government espionage operation in this fun thriller.

Which book set in swinging London will you choose?