Libra: The Bookstrologist Recommends

Libra, you're big on justice, but you're also a peace seeker. Another Libra you're apt to admire is Mohandas Gandhi, a leader in India's independence movement, who is best known for advocating nonviolent resistance and inspiring many social justice activists. In The Gift of Anger, Arun Gandhi, Mahatma's grandson, passes along life lessons he learned from his grandfather, including learning to recognize one's anger and transform it into peace. 

It's no surprise that the sign represented by scales is also a sign that seeks balance and equilibrium. Libras also appreciate high art and beauty and make great architects and designers. Le Corbusier was a pioneer of modern architecture, a designer, city planner and a fellow Libra. Check out his iconic work in Le Corbusier.

An appreciation of harmony and beauty will lead Libras to focus on creating pleasing environments, and one of the hottest trends in home design is plants. There are many excellent books on plants, but we recommend you take a peek at The Inspired Houseplant, which will provide inspiration for a sophisticated green home.

The always diplomatic and charming Libra loves to create connections. Jane Austen's heroine Emma Woodhouse, in Emma, fancies herself to be skilled at matchmaking, which leads to some romantic misadventures in this witty comedy of manners. 

As one who desires balance, you may appreciate fiction that offers multiple narrators and multiple points of view. Two recent and stunning novels that we highly recommend offer stories told from multiple perspectives: An American Marriage, by Taryari Jones, about the wrongful imprisonment of a black man and its impact on a marriage and Tommy Orange's There There, which offers the voices of 12 Native Americans living around Oakland, Calif.

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