Capricorn: The Bookstrologist Recommends

Capricorn, we're wrapping up our year of Bookstrologist Recommends with you! One admirable Capricorn is climate activist Greta Thunberg. Her unwavering, no-nonsense approach to the climate crisis has taken her from a single student protesting outside of the Swedish Parliament to a world leader in climate activism. Learn more in Our House Is on Fire, a memoir about Greta's family and their growing activism. 

Capricorn is grounded, action-oriented and has no trouble taking the steps needed to where they want to go. They don't just have ideas, they also know what tools are required to succeed. They plan and they execute and may enjoy exploring The Bullet Journal Method, an organized journaling method for time management, goal setting and more.

Goats like to play, but their playing is mostly competitive. The goat climbs and climbs in pursuit of lofty goals, figuratively, but sometimes, well, literally. Dive into the story of Maurice Wilson, a World War I veteran who attempted a solo climb of Mount Everest in 1934 in Ed Cesar's engaging and gripping The Moth and the Mountain

For fiction, you appreciate excellence and are familiar with emotional restraint and workaholic tendencies. Check out Nobel Prize-winning author Kazuo Ishiguro's The Remains of the Day. Narrated by Stevens, who is on the way to see former colleague Miss Kenton, a housekeeper who worked with him in the home of Lord Darlington, where he served as the butler and dedicated his life to perfecting his profession. Told through a series of flashbacks, the novel shows the societal and socioeconomic transformations in England leading up to World War II. Did Stevens' dedication to his work and etiquette stifle his passion? This understated, beautifully written novel might remind you to stay in touch with your emotional side. 

Capricorn also loves to solve a good puzzle, and there is nothing more satisfying in the fictional realm than figuring out the solution to a good mystery novel. Capricorn will appreciate Agatha's Christie's work. Jump in with And Then There Were None.