Holi Hai: Great Reads for Kids

Holi is a spring festival in India that celebrates color and light. People enjoy this Hindu holiday by making large bonfires and tossing colorful powder on one another.

Holi is based on the triumph of light over darkness. It originates from the myth of the virtuous Prince Prahlad, who defied the orders of the cruel King Hiranyakashipu and vanquished the evil witch, Holika.

These reads help you better understand the power and joy of this much-loved holiday.

Holi Hai!: you’ve just received a Holi greeting. Gauri is a little girl who makes Holi colors from scratch to celebrate this holiday with her family.

Amma, Tell Me About Holi!: these beautifully patterned illustrations show Prince Prahlad taking a heroic stand against King Hiranyakashipu.

Let's Celebrate Holi!: Maya and Neel are siblings who travel to India to celebrate Holi with their Aunt Ameya. Their aunt shares both general and regional Holi traditions.

Holi: Follow this easy-to-understand explanation of Holi to share with younger children. See friendly faces take part in Holi activities.

Holi Colors: Through loving words, a parent shares the joy of Holi with her child.

Festival of Colors: Start your journey with a boy and a girl who ultimately join their family and community to revel in this color-filled experience.

What do you like to celebrate in spring?