Happy Birthday, Yellowstone!

Growing up in Wyoming will prepare you for some serious wind! The Windy City has nothing on Wyoming’s frequent 60+ mph gusts. There were even some recently recorded winds of 118 mph – that’s the speed of a category 3 hurricane!

But there are other remarkable features in Wyoming besides rapidly blowing air. Yellowstone, our nation’s first national park is in Wyoming. Yellowstone turns 150 years old in March 2022. There’s so much to celebrate about this natural wonder. Built on a volcano, this two-million-acre park is bursting with hot geysers, unique wildlife and geology like you’ve never seen before. No matter the season, Yellowstone is worth the visit. Whether you’re visiting the park in person or experiencing its mystery through its live webcams, these books can help you get into the mood for your trip.

Did you know that each level of wind leading up to a storm has a numbered category? Experience a storm from calm to breezy to windy to gales, then back down to calm again in this story-in-verse, Hear the Wind Blow.

Learn about the volcano that formed Yellowstone, as well as some of the wildlife that lives there today in Volcano Dreams. This is a great introduction for younger readers to the wonders of the park and how it came to be.

Whether you’re the die-hard outdoorsy type or reluctant to leave the city, Survive in the Outdoors! has everything you need to know in graphic novel form. From making your own compass, to catching and eating a fish, to the all-important going to the bathroom in the woods, you'll be ready to head outside.

Finally, if you're not a fan of being outdoors – this is your book! The Not-so Great Outdoors is for the reluctant camper in your life. Go on this adventure with a (somewhat grumpy) child and family and watch as the child slowly adjusts from city life to the outdoors.