Chicago + Sunshine = Spring

The arrival of spring is always a mystery in Chicago. Will it come? Will it stay? When can we put our snow boots away?

Whether it’s a beautiful, warm day, or another cold and blustery one, there are always books about the spring that can be far more reliable than the actual season is.

A Spring Stroll in the City takes young readers on a little walk through a city and counts various signs of spring along the way. Shamrocks, matzo, bunnies and sombreros are some of the objects readers can count on their stroll.

In the most recent in his seasonal series, Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring, Kenard Pak starts readers in the depths of a winter night: snow falling, animals hibernating, birds’ nests empty. But soon, there is more light, green shoots in a greenhouse and animals awakening as readers greet the new season.

Older readers will appreciate this fresh approach to analyzing spring in Snowman - Cold = Puddle. As Laura Purdie Salas states at the beginning, “science + poetry = surprise!” Readers get a taste of math, science and poetry while learning about the natural world and how it changes with the budding season.

For the kiddo who needs to release a bit of energy, A Spring Treasury of Recipes, Crafts, and Wisdom offers a variety of ways to do that both inside and outside the house. Kids can make edible flower cookies, press flowers and brew sweet violet syrup. Angela Ferraro-Fanning shows readers that there are many opportunities for exploring the natural world in creative ways.

What are you favorite things about spring? Let us know in the comments.