May Flowers

After too many rainy days in a row, spring can start to feel dreary and gray, but the colorful flowers that result make it all worth it. Plus, they provide great opportunities to talk with young children about how plants grow.

Flower Garden features simple, rhyming text about a family creating an apartment-ready flower garden. This gentle story follows a young girl and her father as they gather supplies to plant a window box for her mother's birthday present. The urban setting is one many of our children can relate to, and the warmth between the family members is evident.

Flower Garden is available in multiple formats.

The bright colors and tough board pages of Planting A Rainbow make it perfect for toddlers to flip through over and over again. Lois Ehlert combines her bold illustrations with age-appropriate information about how flowers grow.

Planting a Rainbow is available in multiple formats.

Flowers are a great way for preschoolers to learn about colors. What Does Bunny See? introduces color concepts through the eyes of a young rabbit. The bright illustrations welcome closer exploration to find bugs and other animals tucked in among the blossoms. The rhyming text also encourages children to predict the next color Bunny will see.

On your way to the library to check out these and other great stories about spring, have your child point out how many flowers they can spot.