Chicagohenge-Inspired Book Recommendations

Twice a year, on the fall and spring equinoxes, the planet's orbit lines up with the sun in such a way that you can get striking views of the sunrise and sunset straight down the distinctive canyons of Chicago's downtown skyscrapers. Known locally as Chicagohenge, it's a great occasion for photographers and a special treat for commuters. (Read more about Chicago's distinctive grid system that makes this possible.)

Want to sharpen your photo with books about photography? The Beginner's Photography Guide, for instance, is a great place to start for digital photography, especially for those with an SLR camera. But we have a wealth of books on photography.

The Chicagohenge phenomenon makes us aware of the motion of the planet in a way we tend to forget. If it rekindles your sense of curiosity, check out The Astronomy Book for a fun and accessible overview of the subject, or choose from many other books on astronomy 

The clever name for this event was inspired by Stonehenge, the uncanny, prehistoric man-made formation of ancient stones in the rural England. The massive stones there are arranged to line up with the sunset on certain solstices of the year. Learn more about this fascinating place with books like Stonehenge and other books on the iconic monument.

If this event rekindles your interest in Chicago's magnificent architecture, check out our Chicago architecture booklist.