Faces of Homelessness: Panel Discussion featuring Photographer Jeff Wolin

CPL partnered with Jeff Wolin and Chicago Coalition for the Homeless (CCH) for a panel discussion on Wolin’s new book (and exhibit of the same name), Faces of Homelessness. Panelists discussed the project, what homelessness looks like in Chicago, how art can help move us towards solutions and ways to get involved in addressing homelessness. Panelists included: 

  • Jeffrey Wolin: Ruth N. Halls Professor Emeritus of Photography at Indiana University, photographer for Faces of Homelessness
  • Alderman Matt Martin: 47th Ward, City of Chicago
  • Doug Schenkelberg: Executive Director, Chicago Coalition for the Homeless
  • Ronald Matthews: Leader with Chicago Coalition for the Homeless, photography subject
  • Melodi Serna: Executive Director, American Indian Center, photography subject