Celebrate National Comic Book Day with New Graphic Novels

If you love comics and graphic novels, get ready to party! National Comic Book Day is September 25, and there's no better way to celebrate than by immersing yourself in a brand-new book. There's a graphic novel out there for every reader, whether you love science fiction, romance, drama, or you simply want to admire beautiful art. And if you don't love graphic novels, maybe this list will change your mind.

Anyone who has felt like a fish out of water will relate to Mall Goth. The year is 2003, and Liv has to start over in a new town at a new school. She's feeling self-conscious after being bullied at her last school for her bisexuality. Despite dealing with issues at home and an overly attentive teacher who makes her uncomfortable, Liv finds a refuge at the mall, where she makes new friends and begins a journey of self-acceptance.

If the Y2K setting of Mall Goth intrigues you, check out Project Nought. In the blink of an eye, Ren is unexpectedly transported from 1996 to 2122 and learns he is part of a mega-corporation's time travel experiment to help students in the future learn about history. However, as he meets the other subjects and develops feelings for his exchange partner Mars, he starts to realize there is more to the experiment than meets the eye.

Fantasy fans will be enthralled by Mage and the Endless Unknown, a quiet journey through a magical fantasy world teeming with vicious monsters and boundless darkness. In this almost wordless graphic novel, the powerful art drives the story of Mage and their companions' exciting adventures.

In graphic novel memoir Monstrous, author Sarah Myer powerfully recounts the story of their adoption from South Korea and their upbringing with White parents in rural Maryland. While their older sister Lizzy, who was also adopted, got along well with other kids at school, Sarah struggled to fit in due to escalating bullying and racist microaggressions. Although Sarah channels their rage into art and cosplay, it eventually manifests in a monstrous alternate self.

How will you celebrate National Comic Book Day?