5 Worldly/Cultural Resources (Free During the Pandemic)

Thanks to We Are Teachers.com, I've discovered a handful of incredible educational and for-profit organizations that are now offering their classes and tools for free to students during the Coronavirus pandemic. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn about the world at your fingertips!

  • GSD escape (Global Student Dynamic), for instance, has an e-magazine that’s now free for experiencing a “slice of cultural enlightenment” as well as inspiration to do good around the world. Explore places like Guatemala, Vietnam, Somalia, Iraq and Haiti through travel episodes. My exploration of India, for instance, introduced me to recipes, Desi Beats (Bollywood music), travel journals, wedding ceremonies, video and photos exploring meditation, rural India, Hindu temples, and even some random notes on the McDonalds menu.
  • From the Council on Foreign Relations, and for a much more in-depth historical and cultural information, I recommend World 101. There are over 50 multimedia modules (including slide shows, infographics, videos and more) exploring hot topics including global health, climate change, migration, terrorism and more.
  • I’ve always loved the straightforward writing and gorgeous maps and photos in National Geographic. There are so many world topics to explore here. For instance, have you taken a journey down the New Silk Road or visited their Iraq Library
  • For a little more academic challenge, Fiveable is currently offering free access to lessons, trivia, videos and forums for connecting to AP curriculum, including AP Human Geography (covering topics such as Religion and Language and Socioeconomic and Sustainability Development.) or AP World History (including subjects such as labor systems, Asia in the middle ages, revolutions, industrialization, global conflict, etc.). There’s even AP Languages too! 
  • Last, but not least, a new favorite language-learning site I've discovered is iCulture of Carnegie Learning, offering French, Spanish and German immersion. I'm checking out the at-home Spanish language learning modules, including travels with Pablo and Elena with video/spoken and written Spanish narration; songs; news and more.

Happy travels!