Books for Fans of Tom Holt

I just finished Tom Holt's latest, The Management Style of the Supreme Beings, and laughed pretty hard. If you're into satire, particularly that of religiosity and capitalism, this is some fun. Included along with my review of that book are three readalikes that may also leave you chortling, or at least with a nice smile. […]

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Lady Killers: Real and Imagined

Sarah Schmidt’s See What I Have Done, a fictional account of the murder of Lizzie Borden’s father and stepmother, has readers talking about this infamous case again. Borden's story has enjoyed a long shelf life, and the case has been covered in both fiction and nonfiction. Her story continues to fascinate readers. Although acquitted in […]

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John Reed: Radical Socialist

Reading about radical socialists is fun. I'm a fan of the early 20th century ones, the ones who fell for Russia when they thought it was all a grand rebellion and not just another violent coup. American journalist John Reed was enough of a supporter of Bolshevism he was buried at the Kremlin Wall. People who […]

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The Amish, Plain and Simple

As we move into Fall, our attention often turns to farms and their bounty. In Northwest Indiana and other rural communities, this can mean Amish farms. Of course, not all the Amish are farmers, and their numbers have grown exponentially in the past century, making them more visible. While there are plenty of novels featuring […]

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Caught Reading: Librarians Edition, September 2017

Do you ever wonder what your favorite librarian is reading? Like our patrons, some librarians have tastes for specific genres or subjects, while others read what they find by chance or recommendations.  For this edition of Caught Reading, let’s find out what some CPL librarians are reading or have just finished. Their selections range from history to […]

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Do You Believe In Magic?

Sarah Skilton has written her first adult novel, Club Deception, and it's a doozy. Jessica, a young wife who is quickly learning the meaning of the phrase, "marry in haste, repent at leisure" is introduced to the club of wives and girlfriends of America's greatest magicians. There are several mysteries to be solved in this […]

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