I’m Batman: History and Science of Batman for Kids

You can be a Batman fan at any age! I first learned about Batman from a TV show. But did you know that Batman has been around for 85 years? Batman was introduced to the world in 1939 in Detective Comics. In the past 85 years, we've seen all kinds of comics, movies, TV shows and books for all ages.

Lots of people wish they could be Batman. He's the rare superhero who is made, not born. Bruce Wayne's ability to buy the best technology and train with the best turned him into the ultimate crimefighter and an aspirational superhero for all.  Want to find out more about how Bruce Wayne became Batman?

Batman: Adventures of the Dark Knight starts at the beginning, from Batman's childhood through his training. You'll also meet all of his enemies in detail! Use it to find out more about Batman's equipment or the villains in your favorite stories.

Batman's talents come from training and from his amazing Batcave of technological advancements. Learn The Science Behind Batman's Uniform and how you can stay super warm with a thin layer of neoprene or develop super hearing by using parabolic arcs to hear things happening far away. Or focus on the Batarangs and Grapnels to learn what real weapons they are inspired by and how they work.

What about Batmobiles and Batcycles? How can he go so fast? Learn about the engineering behind the turbochargers and atomic energy he uses to maneuver around the supervillains he defeats.

If you're intrigued by Batman's butler, Young Alfred: Pain in the Butler starts with a child Alfred, sent to Gotham Servants School to fulfill his father's last wish and become a butler. This graphic novel shows Young Alfred learning how to be a hero, too.

Do you have a favorite book about Batman? Let us know in the comments.