Felting: A Beginner’s Guide

People have been felting for many centuries to add warmth and insulation. Although felting is still used for this, many people have taken to the craft for less utilitarian purposes. What exactly is felting? Felting is an ancient practice of matting, condensing and pressing fibers together. The most common fibers are wool or acrylic. How do…
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DIY Spring Fashion

Spring is finally here! Ready to brighten up your wardrobe? Try these easy ideas to update and refresh your spring wardrobe on any budget. They're perfect for the novice sewer to the most advanced. Add an appliqué to a cardigan. Add some bead embroidery to: a neckline of a blouse the hem of a skirt the lapels of your…
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I Want to Believe

Recently there have been rumors of a reboot of the television series The X-Files. Longtime fans like me are hoping the rumors become truth and that the original stars are on board. The television series ended more than two decades ago, and the last episodes of the final season left many viewers wanting more. A lot has…
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