A Little Bit of Vinyl Love

Back before MP3s, before CDs, even before cassettes, there was the record. The visual and tactile experience as well as listening to the record itself is magical. And many people make the argument that the best way to listen to music, if you are not listening to it live, is to listen to it on vinyl. That magic…
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Happy Birthday, Trees!

As I look outside at all the snow covered trees, I am thinking about one of my favorite holidays, Tu B'Shevat, or birthday for the trees, which occurs tomorrow on the 15 of Shevat. Tu B'Shevat, a holiday celebrated in the Jewish religion, started as a way to track fruit for tax purposes, but has since…
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When Asteroids Attack

An asteroid to be seen by an average person with binoculars will fly close enough to Earth on Monday, January 26. Scientists say that although relatively close, it will be far enough away to pose no threat. I think we should take a moment to contemplate some titles in which the following fictional scientists said…
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