Top Picks: Lily Tomlin

Actress, comedian, writer, singer, producer, lesbian icon and absolute legend Lily Tomlin celebrates her 80th birthday on September 1. A fixture in TV and movies since 1969, Tomlin's creative projects have spanned genres and earned her multiple awards and nominations. Here are my top picks for movies and TV shows starring Tomlin. Tomlin, Jane Fonda…
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Read Like a Wicked Queen

Everyone knows your standard princess tale, but each wicked queen has her own story to tell. Is she evil or misunderstood? What spurs an evil queen to act? Check out these titles for queens who may or may not be evil, depending on how you look at it. Heartless starts at the beginning, before the…
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A Century of Science Fiction Legend Arthur C. Clarke

As we approach the 100th anniversary of Sir Arthur C. Clarke’s birth on December 16, it's hard to say which of the foundational elements he contributed to science fiction is the most compelling. Clarke lived his life at the intersection of the genre, believing profoundly in the power of fiction to ignite the imagination while championing real-world scientific efforts…
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