Sculpture Among Us

Chicago area artists with Chicago Sculpture International present their work, followed by discussions about what art gives to communities.

20 Moments: Chicago in the 20th Century

What is Chicago? Urbanologist Max Grinnell presents some history and discusses what Chicago might be in the future.

Chicago’s Public Art

Max Grinnell takes us out of the past and into the future as he presents the transformative qualities of Chicago's public art initiatives.

Film Screening: In The Game

The new documentary In The Game looks at four years in the life of a girls' soccer team at Chicago's Kelly High School. Discussion follows.

The Third Coast is now available to read online! Log in with your library card at #http://t.co/tLGW6RNDF8 to start reading Part 1 today!

10:04 AM - 1 Oct 2015

Give Through Environmental Actions

Metropolitan Water Reclamation District President Mariyana T. Spyropoulos shares how to protect the environment in your neighborhood.

2nd Story "Story Kickstart" Workshop

Learn to tell your own story of giving and community with writers and performers from Chicago's premier storytelling series!

Discuss The Third Coast

Book discussions for The Third Coast, this year's #OBOC selection, are happening all over the city. Find one near you!

Walking Tours with Max Grinnell

Urbanologist Max Grinnell leads walking tours, exploring the neighborhoods of Chicago and what they've contributed to the city's growth.

Celebrate Chicago Architecture Biennial

One Book, One Chicago has partnered with the Chicago Architecture Biennial to present events this fall about architecture and design.

Harmonica Hinds & Paul Kaye concert
Oct 22nd | 12:15pm - 1:15pm

Join Paul's duo as they present the music of Chicago Blues from the 30s through the 60s, including musicians from The Third Coast. #OBOC

Explore CHIRP Radio's Playlist

Our partners at CHIRP Radio curated a #OBOC playlist of music featured in The Third Coast. Listen while you read!

A Conversation with Thomas Dyja
Nov 4th | 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Award-winning author Thomas Dyja appears in the headline event of this #OBOC season to discuss The Third Coast.

A Conversation with Architect Teddy Cruz
Oct 27th | 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Rome Prize-winning architect Teddy Cruz speaks about how he uses architecture as a way to re-think global dynamics, poverty, & immigration.

Explore Studs Terkel's Radio Archive

The Studs Terkel Radio Archive curated a playlist of radio interviews Studs did with some of the people in the book. Listen now!

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