Beyond Bond: Espionage In Other Countries


James Bond is not the only non-American spy out engaging in derring-do. Other countries have their intelligence agents. These are some of the more recent entries for those who like to engage in armchair espionage. The Gentleman From Japan is the latest in the Inspector O series by James Church. While these books tend to be more mysteries than spy […]

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Let CPL Help You Make History with History Fair

Chiago Metro History Fair

Are you participating in History Fair this year? Does your teacher expect you to conduct historical research? Are you wondering where and how to begin? Are you looking for primary resources or images for an exhibit board, website or documentary? At CPL, we can help you with all of these. Getting Started After you’ve selected your topic, start […]

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CPL’s 2016 Teen Mock Book Awards

Mock Printz Books

Each year before the winners of American Library Association's Youth Media Awards are announced, CPL librarians come together to nominate and discuss our own Mock Book Awards to honor some of our favorite titles of the year. Here are the 2016 teen books we chose. Mock Printz Award for Literary Excellence Winner: We Are the Ants […]

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Get the Facts: 5 Articles About Fake News

friends sharing news

While I'm sure no one would mistake the headline “Red Riding Hood and the Wolf Elope in Vegas While Grandma Scuba Dives in Bermuda” as real news, recent studies show people are having difficulty judging real news from fake because of the rapid rise of internet-based fake news sites. This trend is especially true on social […]

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Top Picks: Teen Self-Help

Meditation by the Ocean

Instead of putting pressure on yourself to keep New Year's resolutions, why not see January as a fresh start at taking better care of yourself? Winter often leaves us feeling tired and emotionally drained, but it can also be a quiet time for reflection. Here are our top picks for teen self-help books. Taking care […]

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Revolting Recipes: Books for Kids

Revolting Recipes book cover

Do you love trying new foods? Are you the kind of kid who volunteers to try chocolate-dipped cockroaches or lutefisk? Then do I have some books for you! But beware, young foodies, what lies ahead is not for the faint of heart or weak of stomach. Got a craving for food history? In Pass the Pandowdy, Please you'll meet historical […]

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Brown Bear, Brown Bear, We See You’re Turning 50!

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? book cover

A family favorite across generations, Bill Martin, Jr. and Eric Carle's classic Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? is celebrating its 50th year delighting readers. The bright, colorful illustrations and rhythmic repetition of the text draw in young listeners, often followed by refrains of "Read it again!" Brown Bear, Brown Bear is available in multiple formats. Originally […]

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#TBT: Happy Birthday, Betty White!

Betty White

She did it! Betty White survived 2016 and turns 95 January 17. For this Throwback Thursday, we’ll take a look at the storied career of everyone’s favorite funny lady. From radio to game and variety shows to sitcoms, it seems Betty White has done it all. Born in Oak Park, White moved to Los Angeles with […]

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Peace Is a BIG Idea

Illustration of Earth with peace symbol

"Peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek, but a means by which we arrive at that goal." - Martin Luther King, Jr., 1967 Difficult to define and even harder to illustrate, peace is a timely message that needs to be shared again and again. What better way to celebrate the birthday of […]

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CPL’s Most Popular Books of 2016

The Girls book cover, The Nest book cover

What were our most popular books in 2016? We've crunched the numbers and we're ready to share. Keep in mind that books published in late 2015 and early 2016 have an advantage, and you may see some of fall 2016's biggest blockbusters on next year's report. You might also compare our lists with Publishers Weekly's report […]

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