We Are… Artwork by Students Exhibit at Harold Washington Library Center

We Are… Artwork by Students from Southside Occupational High School is on exhibit along the Ida B. Wells Corridor at Harold Washington Library Center. Southside Occupational High School is a transition center for students with disabilities between 16 and 22 years old.

About the Exhibit

In this exhibit, students experimented with watercolor to represent their idea of the Chicago skyline. A second project inspired them to create a self-portrait with a printmaking process. The goal of the two projects was to learn how to use various art media and illustrate each student’s individual talents. Once all projects were completed, the students viewed each other’s work. Their self-portraits inspired them to explore who they are in a visual format and appreciate the likeness of their classmates’ pictures. The students showed pride in their work and were able to recognize the accomplishments of their peers.

About Southside Occupational High School

Southside Occupational High School provides students with educational training opportunities in the areas of independent functioning, social learning, and vocational and applied academics. The school has two class sections that focus on art, which encourages students to create projects that explore different art forms using a variety of media. Participants have worked with ceramic, drawing, mosaic, painting, printmaking and screen printing.