Teens Stretching Minds, Hearts and Bodies at Richard M. Daley Branch

Interested in exploring energy, community businesses, creative writing and/or photography? Find out more about how you can get involved in teen events at Richard M. Daley Branch.

Teen librarian Roy wanted to focus this summer's events around every aspect of the environment, the social-emotional, neighborhood and natural environments for local teens.

He's worked to convert the library into a performance space for open mics that foster self-expression and critical thinking, and also flips the room into a yoga space designed to build energy and focus. Roy's also creatively adapting the library to meet teens' interests and needs by welcoming a variety of special guests, including photographer Jim Kropp, Black Girl in Ohm, Afterschool Matters and Kamilah Rashied.

Richard M. Daley Branch is a recipient of a 2018 Teen Summer Challenge: Imagine Doing More! mini-grant made possible through the Chicago Public Library Foundation. #ImagineAtCPL #CPLTeens #NoSmallPlans