Teens: Create Positive Change

Teens, summer 2017 is yours for the making at CPL. Hang out with friends and mentors who can help you with your next big idea. Create art, play games with your friends or meet someone new who shares your interests. Grow a plant, make a bracelet, record a podcast, design a T-shirt…the list is long but summer is short!

Create a Positive Change

You: Find inspiration for your next big (or little) idea! It’s your choice. Bring your ideas, and we can help you with the next step. We’ve got some suggestions, too, so check out our blogs, booklists, and movie and music recommendations at chipublib.org/ElevateYourVoice.

Community: What do you want to improve in your neighborhood or in Chicago? What would make the world a better place? Form a team at your library (don’t forget to include the librarian!) to brainstorm projects that make a difference. Need some ideas? We can help.

Your Hero: Shout out to your hero on our website! Who’s been your inspiration? Share drawings, music, videos, blog links or anything else to tell a story about your hero. We can’t wait to hear what you have to say!