Teen Voices: Tenzin and Freddy, Founders of Minorities in Medicine

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Jones College Prep students Tenzin and Freddy came to YOUmedia at Harold Washington Library Center in 2019 with a vision and plan: to "connect minority students with medical professionals…to hopefully inspire and empower them to pursue their interest in the medical field."

Their passion and ambition led to a series of ongoing events called Minorities in Medicine. Each event features hands-on activities related to the medical field and a panel of medical professionals to answer questions about their career paths. Over a hundred teens have attended their first three events! 

We recently spoke to Tenzin and Freddy about Minorities in Medicine and the role of YOUmedia in their success.

Q: Why did you choose to host Minorities in Medicine in YOUmedia at Harold Washington Library?

We chose to host the program at YOUmedia because of its mission to create a safe space for teens to explore whatever their heart desires. The place gives us enough independence where we are allowed to make this a space by teens for teens but also gives us guidance and stability so we’re not a hot mess!

Q: How does creating Minorities in Medicine relate to your goals and interests?

We have always loved science for its educational aspects but also for its social aspects. We believe that in order to make the world a safer and more efficient place, we need to start locally. Through MIM, we are able to contribute to reducing the disparities in the medical field by starting with the youth of Chicago.

Q: Any advice for teens who want to develop their own programs and plan events in YOUmedia?

If you want to start something, just go for it! YOUmedia provides you with all the resources so your brilliant ideas can come to life. It really can’t get better than that! YOUmedia is a space for teens. They need YOUR help coming up with ideas to launch the next generation of artists, leaders and storytellers.

For additional information and upcoming events, check out the Minorities in Medicine website and follow @minorities.in.medicine on Instagram.