Teen Voices: Jessica and Her Hero, Andrea

Teens, as part of Elevate Your Voice, we're asking you to give a shout out to your hero and to share an original art piece, video, photo or recording inspired by your hero. Your submission could be featured on the CPL website, like this one.

Jessica, 17, of Chicago Lawn Branch says her hero and inspiration is her best friend, Andrea. She added, "She has all AP and honors classes, and she stays up late every night to get all of her homework done, and make sure it is done to perfection. Andrea has been at the top of our whole school since our freshman year, and we are now about to be seniors."

Besides being a hard worker, Jessica explained, "Andrea is just so amazing to me in so many ways. She pushes me when I don't want to do homework, and when I am just ready to give up on school. She listens to me when I have problems, and she gives me great advice. She's just an amazing person, and I love her and cherish her as my best friend. She's the sweetest person anyone will ever meet. Even is she doesn't know you very well, she will still care for you."

When Jessica hears Bruno Mars singing "Count on Me" on Doo-wops & Hooligans, she's reminded of the bond she has with Andrea. Jessica said, "I can count on her, and she knows that she can count on me. We are the best of friends, and I wouldn't have it any other way."