Teen Voices: Featuring Sara on Hero Mr. Vazquez

Teens, as part of Elevate Your Voice, we're asking you to give a shout out to your hero and to share an original art piece, video, photo or recording inspired by your hero. Your submission could be featured on the CPL website, like this one.

13-year old Sara of Brighton Park Branch has always looked up to Mr. Vazquez, a reading teacher at her school.

She shared, "Mr. Vazquez grew up in Philadelphia. He dealt with problems as he was growing up, but his mom helped him have faith in himself so he could go to college and have a good career as a teacher and a union worker. He impacted my life because he inspired me to be curious and learn as much as I can."

Sara believes Mr. Vasquez is an excellent teacher and even made class interesting when learning about the Constitution (apparently, not her favorite subject).