Teen Voices: Featuring Matty

Each month we spotlight a teen at CPL.

In summer 2013, Matty started a film club and offered to direct and write a script when Dunning and Galewood-Mont Clare Branch Manager Melissa asked him if he had any ideas for bringing more teens into the library. With Matty at the lead, a group of amazing teens wrote, starred in, costumed and edited Dunning’s first teen film. He led again the next year, creating his second film, 49 B.C. Matty stuck by his commitment and completed his third film at the library in summer 2015. In Melissa’s words:

Our teen film club is one of the highlights of our library branch each summer, and we would not be able to do it without Matty's leadership, creativity and expertise.

In addition, Matty is in charge of Dunning's Kids' Chess Club, which runs in six-week intervals a few times each year. This hugely popular program brings in chess lovers of all ages, the youngest being 6 years old. Matty is an excellent chess instructor, both reliable and well-loved by his students.

Find out what else Matty enjoys about the library.

Q: What’s your favorite program at the library?

A: I enjoy teaching chess and aiding the library's efforts to produce films. I am passionate for teaching in general so teaching is a favorite.

Q: What are your hobbies?

A: Lego, chess, political theory and history.

Q: What's your favorite book, author and/or genre?

A: I refrain from having a favorite book, instead looking for value in all books for different reasons. I read a lot of nonfiction history and political materials such as Marx and Hegel. However, fiction such as Heart of Darkness can be fulfilling.

Q: How has the library been a part of your life?

A: The library allows me to teach and direct, two things I find quite enjoyable.

Thanks for being so dedicated and flexible, Matty. It's an honor having you at Dunning!